Blue Surf Sanctuary

Costa Rica: Golfo de Nicoya

High levels of comfort at this boutique accommodation with emphasis on relaxation, detox and surf.

How to get there?

Fly to Mal Pais from San Jose (SJO) Costa Rica

There are two airlines that fly from San Jose to Tambor airport.

Sansa Airlines is probably the most convenient if you are connecting directly from the San Jose airport. Nature Air flies from an airport that is a 20 minute taxi ride away from San Jose airport, where you can easily walk to the Sansa terminal. If you are staying the night in San Jose then either is just as easy. Regardless, you must catch a taxi at the Tambor airport for a 45 minute drive to Blue Surf, but the actual time depends on the weather.

Both companies can only take surfboards up to 7’0″ (or any extra baggage), on a space available basis, and for a fee (by the pound). Please be aware that many airlines will not even allow extra luggage on their flights to Costa Rica during high season.

Sit back and relax on your taxi ride, the roads can be rough. This is no 4 lane highway and the pot holes during certain times of the year can be rough, but nothing dangerous. Just enjoy the scenery and take in our piece of paradise.


Shared Shuttle to Mal Pais

Several shared Shuttles are available at certain times from specified locations.

One option is scheduled public shuttles with Montezuma Expeditions for budget travelers who travel light* (always a good idea!). The price includes taxi to/from airport and one night at hotel near San Jose’s international airport. *Riders must transfer vans at Puntarenas, carrying their own luggage aboard the ferry. Another van will meet you on the other side at Parquera.

Offering scheduled shuttles, the Costa Rica Shuttle is another option. They are happy to pick you up at the Airport, certain hotels, or anywhere in San Jose, and will drop you off right at Blue Surf. You can call (506/8849-8569) or even Skype them at “traveltocr.”


Private Shuttle to Santa Teresa

Private shuttles are more expensive, but more flexible.

Private vans offer flexibilty (for example, if your flight arrives later in the day and you don’t want to stay overnight in San José).

Several companies offer private shuttles including Costa Rica Shuttle.


Bus Transportation

At 6am and 2 pm from downtown San José, public buses leave daily from the Coca-Cola Terminal and will stop at the driveway—ask for Zula Inn. Check this web site for Bus Schedules. Call the bus company, just in case the site has not been recently updated. Travel times vary depending on which bus you take–its approximately 7 hours travel time to Santa Teresa. The price is about $13 USD. You may have to spend the night in San José as departure times vary with the season (high/low). The Coca Cola bus station is about a 30-minute and $20 taxi ride away from the airport (the Juan Santa Maria International Airport is actually located in Alajuela, not San José). If you have a late afternoon or evening departure flight, you can save some time and money by asking the bus driver to stop at the airport.


Drive to Santa Teresa

From San Jose

Drive to Puntarenas ( 1 1/2 hours) and take the “Tambor” car ferry to Paquera. For information about the Ferry click -> The Ferry. You will be on the ferry for approximately an hour and a half or so. Drive through Tambor to Cobano. In Cobano drive straight through town and turn left after 1 kilometer to Mal Pais. After 8 km, a total of approximately an hour from getting off the ferry, you will arrive at a crossroads just before the beach, turn right and the Blue Surf Sanctuary hotel is approx 3kms on your left. 4×4 is not necessary, but is recommended in the rainy season. Total journey time from San Jose is 5½ hours, as we recommend that you arrive at Puntarenas at least one hour before the ferry departs.


From Liberia

Regarding the drive from Liberia, the roads are in good condition (compared to other roads in Costa Rica) and the whole drive from the Airport to Blue Surf Sanctuary will take you approximately 4 hours. Take Route 21, that passes right by the airport, south, towards Santa Cruz and Nicoya. Just keep going strait through every town, and the same route 21 will lead you to Carmona. About 1 1/2 or 2 hs after you started your trip. Here route 21 turns left in a T intersection before entering into Carmona town, the only thing apart from a few signs there is a small police station. So take the left there, following the signs to Lepanto, Naranjo, Paquera, or Cobano. If you keep going strait, you’ll get into Carmona town. So you’ll realize that you’ve missed the turn! Again you only need to follow the road, still route 21, that will change from pavement into gravel at Naranjo. the gravel continues till paquera. there are two intersections on this road, you should take the left both times. Once the pavement starts again, you’ll be in Paquera town. follow the road untill you get to another T intersection. Turn right this time, towards Cobano and Santa Teresa. This is route 160. Follow it, and you’ll cross through Cobano town, keep going strait through Cobanos crossroad, and the pavement again turns into gravel. About one mile after that, you’ll find yourself in another T intersection. Turn Left following the signs towards Santa Teresa and Mal Pais. The bendy road will lead you to Santa Teresa’s crossroad, what we call “down town” there you’ll find the bank, the pharmacy and the doctor. Turn right, at the crossroad, and drive through the town about 2-3 miles, once past “La Hacienda” supermarket (on your right) keep going 500 mts, and you’ll see our sign on the left hand of the road. You’ll also see the Billabong signs at our door from the road!


From Manzanillo

There are 2 ways to get to Santa Teresa, coming from the north, from Manzanillo, or from the west, through Cobano. If you are coming from the north, across the rivers, about 1 km after you drive through playa hermosa, you will pass by Flor Blanca, a big resort, 100mt further, on your right hand ( beach side) you will see our blue sign, turn right to find us! If you are coming the other way, through Cobano, you will enter the town at the crossroad of Mal Pais, where the banks the doctor and the pharmacy are, there is one street that connects Santa Teresa with Mal Pais, parallel to the beach and Blue Surf is 4km north from that crossroad, after you drive by “la hacienda” supermarket, about 600 mts, you will see our sign on your left hand (beach side) Turn left to find us!

PP/Night from US$ 136