Boardingmania Surf Camps

France: Landes

Cozy, stylish and luxurious options offered with these fully equipped, self-catering apartments which place you right next to France's surf Mecca waves.

About the operator


Open all year ! Stylised private apartments and real 1 to 1 surf tuition for families couples and groups of friends. Friendly, professional, qualified personnel and a totally new and 'free' approach to the surf camp format. For amazing prices !



Surfers trying to live and share the dream.

Patrick, the British (originally Welsh – now just European) owner, manager and head surf instructor (ISA Level 2), goes out of his way to ensure that your surf holiday is an amazing and unforgetable experience. His objective is to make you want more.

I’ve been surfing for 13 years (18 -31). Surfing has taken me to Indonesia (x3) Canaries (x1) Spain (too many to count) and England. The Boardingmania business concept was a logical progression from the eternal dilemma of how to earn a living whilst indulging to the maximum in your favourite pastimes. I was working all week then having the best weekends ever with cranking surf at Capbreton on the Saturday followed by cranking surf at Hossegor on the Sunday. The idea was, « why not share these moments and enable myself to make my weekends last all week! ».



We don't want to be copied so in addition to all that is already mentioned in the packages. I'll phone the guys and gals and send them a precourse manual.... this is a real bible of surf knowledge and has taken time and alot of effort so it's an added bonus that i don't want to talk too much about as vulgar copies will be produced or even plagerised.

  • We always do a supermarket run from the airport so they can stock up despite smaller shops being just 5mins away.
  • They may even get a welcome pack and departure pack. Depending on circumstances (if i have time to organise it).
  • They also get a detailed copy of a local restaurant bar club guide that is up to date and give you all the info about where to score the best food/ nightlife/drinking/music etc.
  • A longboard skateboard lesson might supplement bad surf conditions or can be added on arrival.
  • After 6 years I'm getting good at this so there are NO WRONG TURNS.



PP/Night from US$ 67