Botik Resort

Indonesia: Mentawais

Small pristine resort on a private island, placed right in the heart of the Playground area, offering stylish and comfortable bungalow accommodation.

What to bring

Before you start a trip with us you may start thinking what to bring with you and we list you some tips right below.

  •     Surfboards. At least 3, but it also depends on how hard you want to charge.
  •     Wax. 2 or 3 packs should be enough.
  •     Leashes. Make sure you bring at least a strong one, then a couple of normal thin ones.
  •     Towel. We provide you with a towel at the beginning of the trip but you can also bring an extra one.
  •     Waterproof sunscreen is highly recommended. We are right on the equator.
  •     Mosquito Repellent. We have at the resort but you are welcome to bring your own.
  •     Fishing and spearfishing equipment. If you re really into it, you can have a great time here with us.
  •     Raincoat could be useful for rainy days.
  •     We provide with a lot of different snacks, but you are welcome to bring some of your favorites.
  •     Cash for beers and liquor (3 USD/beer, 6 USD for liquored drinks) and for surfing photographs (from 10 USD per shot to 250 USD for the whole collection of trip, depending on how many pictures you take).
  •     Original passport and photocopy of your passport (this is mandatory).
  •     Travel insurance is a must and you have to bring us a photocopy of your insurance policy.
  •     We have a good variety of books but you can bring a few if you wish to read while relaxing.
PP/Night from US$ 210