Camino Surf Valdovino

Spain: Galicia East

Families, kids, old and young, group and solo traveller are welcome at this surf camp with various accommodation options, combo packages and off season deals.

Amenities & Activities


Summer, surfing, beach and Yoga - what a great combination. Start your day with more energy and be stronger in the water. After the surf-sessions you relax and sooth your tense and tired muscled during our extended yoga sessions. You put your body and mind to rest and as your nose gets rid of the last nose-drippings you are mentally and physically ready for the next wave.

Our yoga classes are designed for everybody to experience his personal limits. A step-by-step introduction for Beginners with detailled explanations of the exercises ease the entry for newcomers. Also advanced Yogi will benefit from the courses through demanding variations and combinations. The Yoga-schedule is adjusted to the surf-course time-table.

We start early in the morning with our first yoga session to bring life back into our limbs and get the circulation going. Light Pranayama, warm-up exercises, Sun Salutations and a challenging program on the yoga mat. This is how we start our day: relaxed and full of energy!

In the evenings we basically focus on relaxation and do extensive stretching in order to prevent our muscles from getting sore and tense. Additionally, we strengthen the muscles less stressed while surfing to put our body back in balance.

All classes start with a brief relaxation phase followed by Pranayama (breathing exercises), Sun Salutations, Asanas (yoga) on the mat, and a final relaxation


Season: from mid July till September

Schedule: In the mornings and evening and on consultation


Yoga: at the Camino Surf Base Camp


no physical impairments

small towell and a yoga-mat (you can rent out yoga-mats on site or just use a large towel)


Duration: about 1.5 hours per day.

Child Care


Camino Surf's Child Care: Need somebody to watch after your loved ones while you are surfing? No worries - we offer a care-package for your kiddies which allows you to delve into the liquid element and fully concentrate on the waves. Depending on the weather, we either spend a playful day outside or indoors. We focus on creativity, music and movement as well as the experience of the beach and the sea.

The team led by our qualified kindergarten teacher Andrea ensures that both the parents are relieved and the kids have a lot of fun. Upon request and after consultation, child care hours can be scheduled as well after the regular surf-classes.


Season: Mid May till mid October

Schedule: We offer child-care hours at the time of the surf courses and upon request and after consultation also at other times.


at Camino Surf Base Camp


The kids have to be at least two years of age

Our five-day/20 hour child-care-special is only eligible in combination with a 5day/20hr surfcourse

Extra Child Care hours upon request and after consultation


Duration: according to the surfcourse-time-table

PP/Night from US$ 20