Chicama Surf Resort

Peru: La Libertad

The best accommodation in front of the world's longest wave. Surf your brains out, get towed back to the lineup and chill in the swimming pool, spa or jacuzzi.

Important Travel Information

Visa and Embarkation Card

Citizens of most countries in the Americas and Western Europe do not require a visa to travel to Peru.When entering Peru you will be asked to fill out an embarkation card. This piece of paper is very important since it has to be given to the migratory authority when you leave the country, do not loose it. We recommend you make various copies of your passport and embarkation card in case the originals are lost.

Telephone Communication

Peru’s code is 51. In order to receive phone calls from abroad you must dial (00) + (51) + (Department Code) + (Phone number)


Hotels in Lima

We can help you book any hotel in Lima if they accept reservations. We work mostly with three star hotels and above. We periodically inspect hotels we use, for cleanliness, hygiene and safety to make sure that services are in line with pricing to guarantee customer satisfaction. For late arrivals in Lima with an early departure by plane to Trujillo, we recommend the Costa del Sol Ramada Hotel located in the airport´s property. Staying here will give you enough time to rest before your next day flight.


Airport Tax - in most airports a security tax for intra-Peru flights must be paid. We cannot include it in our service costs because it varies. This is approximately US$6.05 for the Lima airport and around $5.00 in regional airports. In Lima and other airports the international departure tax is approximately US$30.25, which must be paid at the airport, prior to departure and immigration, in Nuevos Soles or US Dollars.
Sales Tax - sales tax (IGV) on goods and services in shops and restaurants is 19%, and is generally included in the prices shown. At hotels if you travel on your own or extend your stay, you can omit paying the sales tax by presenting a photocopy of your passport.

Electric voltage and plugs

Ac 220 volts, 60 cycles. In case you want to charge any electronic or electric devise, please be sure your plug is suitable or ask for an adaptor at the hotel’s lobby.

Money Matters

Currency & Exchange Rates

  • The official currency in Peru is the Nuevo Sol (S/.)
  • The average exchange rate is US$1.00 = S/.2.80 (although this may vary).
  • It is common to exchange money (US dollars and Euros) in the street in big cities but it is recommended to make use of the Money Exchange Offices known as "Casas de Cambio" or banks for safety reasons. We recommend you change your money at Lima´s international airport before departing to Trujillo and Chicama.
  • The North American dollar is accepted in most commercial shops at the daily exchange rate.

ATM's & Credit Cards
You will find ATM's in the bigger cities, such as Lima & Trujillo. Most of them are located in airports, near banks or in major shopping malls. The main credit cards are usable in commercial establishments in Peru, although markets, small shops and "bodegas" will most likely not accept credit cards.
At Chicama Surf Hotel & Spa we accept:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • AmEx
  • Diners


This is a personal issue, but you must know that as a company policy we receive tips at the check-out and then monthly we share the total tips amount in between the staff of the hotel. You can also provide a personal tip to any of our staff if you consider that they have done an extraordinary job.



PP/Night from US$ 53