Chicama Surf Resort

Peru: La Libertad

The best accommodation in front of the world's longest wave. Surf your brains out, get towed back to the lineup and chill in the swimming pool, spa or jacuzzi.

Weather in Peru

Although Peru is in the tropics, its weather varies due to the geographical diversity (coast, highlands, Amazon) and to the cold water current of Humboldt in winter and the warm water current of El Niño in the summer.

On the Coast

The central and southern region of the Peruvian coast is generally sunny in the summer (November to May) and cloudy during the rest of the year.
Temperatures vary between 20ºC and 30ºC during the summer and 10ºC and 20ºC during the winter.
The northern region of the coast has sunshine almost all year with some rain between November and March, depending on the seasonal presence of the “El Niño” current in the north.

In the Sierra (Highlands)

The Andes have usually a rainless winter that runs from April to October, where temperatures during the day are very warm, and a rainy season that lasts from November to March, being heaviest in January - February. In the highlands temperatures have accentuated variations between day and night, with sudden temperature falls after sunset (sometimes up to 15ºC)

In the Rainforest

In the Rainforest it can rain all year round and there may be high temperatures. From November to May rain is heavier, rivers rise, but from May to September temperatures are generally milder but never cold, except sometimes in Madre de Dios (south) where cold air-masses move in from Bolivia and Argentina in the winter months and you may need to wear a light jacket/sweater.

Weather & Water Temperature in Chicama

The water is cool (17-22o C), like much of Peru, due to cold currents from the south. Climate is warm and spring like (15-28o C), however wind chill is a factor, created by the venturi effects from the headland. A 2-3 mm wetsuit is recommended.



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