Chicama Surf Resort

Peru: La Libertad

The best accommodation in front of the world's longest wave. Surf your brains out, get towed back to the lineup and chill in the swimming pool, spa or jacuzzi.


Peru boasts one of the finest cuisines in the world. Dishes such as cebiche (raw fish marinated in lemon juice), pachamanca (meat and vegetables cooked underground) and chupe de camarones (rich shrimp soup) have contributed to turn Peru into a gastronomic destination.

The richnes of mixture of Western and Eastern cultural traditions has influenced Peruvian cuisine. Our chefs have learned to incorporate foreign flavors and adapt them to local dishes, producing an exquisite cuisine that is appreciated around the world.

Guests will enjoy tasty and healthy home-made food in the hotel´s dining room. The bar offers a variety of spirits and wines, including our world famous Pisco Sour, as well as a series of snacks.

PP/Night from US$ 53