Chicama Surf Resort

Peru: La Libertad

The best accommodation in front of the world's longest wave. Surf your brains out, get towed back to the lineup and chill in the swimming pool, spa or jacuzzi.

Rates & Packages

Bed & Breakfest Rates 2017

Type of Room Garden View Ocean View
Single Bedroom $120 $ 130
Double Bedroom $ 150 $ 160
Triple Bedroom $ 180 $ 200
Rates are in USD and per night per room

Optional Extras

Include Lunch & Dinner

If you want to Include a 3 course Lunch & Dinner, you can add this price to your Bed & Breakfast Rate. This will allow you to receive one 3 course Lunch and one 3 course Dinner.

Type of Room  No. of guests Rate in US $ for Lunch & Dinner per Room
 Single Bedroom 1 $ 60
 Double Bedroom  2 $ 120
 Triple Bedroom  3 $ 180

Note: If you don´t choose to Include meals, then you have the option to choose the dish of your preference and not be restricted to pay for a 3 course meal and just pay for what you eat at the time of your check out.

Surf Lessons

Surf Lessons are $ 25 per person per session of 1,5h
Duration Total: 1h 30min
15min Stretching
15min Theory
1h Surf Lesson
Includes: Surf Instructor, Wetsuit & Soft Board

Include Tow-Back Service

Type of Room  No. of guests Rate in US $ per 2 Sessions a Day
 Single Bedroom 1 $ 35
 Double Bedroom  2 $ 75
 Triple Bedroom  3  $ 105

Trujillo's Airport or Bus Station Transfers

 No. Pax  Price per Pax in US $
1 $ 48
2 $ 30
3 $ 25
4 $ 25
5 $ 20
6 $ 17

See Surfboard rentals under Details tab

What is included / What not

Standard Bed & Breakfast package


  • Accommodations
  • Buffet Breakfast
  • Internet WiFi
  • Access to All Hotel Facilities: Saunas, Jacuzzis, Gym, Swimming Pool, Surf Board Storage, TV Lounge, Games Room

Extended Description

Standard Bed & Breakfast + Optional Extras packages

  • Bed & Breakfast + Lunch & Dinner
  • Bed & Breakfast + Lunch & Dinner + Tow-Back Service
  • Bed & Breakfast + Lunch & Dinner + Trujillo's Airport or Bus Station Transfers
  • Bed & Breakfast + Lunch & Dinner + Tow-Back Service + Trujillo's Airport or Bus Station Transfers
  • Bed & Breakfast + Tow-Back Service
  • Bed & Breakfast + Trujillo's Airport or Bus Station Transfers
  • Bed & Breakfast + Tow-Back Service + Trujillo's Airport or Bus Station Transfers

Lunch & Dinner

1 Lunch + 1 Dinner per Guest: You can choose from any Entrée, Main Course and Dessert from any of our 48 exquisite dishes. Remember it is only 1 of each, you may not choose 2 main courses.


Tow-Back Service

With the world’s longest left wave surfers can end a mile away from their starting point. The hotel has powered watercraft available during surfing hours, to allow for more time surfing and less time paddling or walking back to a good starting position.

For Surfers we provide the Tow-back Service with our Zodiacs. During a day the Zodiacs service is provided during 2 periods, the 1st period starts 8:30am and ends at 12:00pm, the second period starts at 3:00pm and ends at 6:00pm. We recommend you book this service while being at the resort, that way you can choose to use it or not depending on the surf conditions.


Trujillo's Airport or Bus Station Transfers

Chicama is located about 70 km North of Trujillo, which we consider our hub for guests arriving from Lima. Guests may arrive by plane or bus. Both the airport and bus stations are based in Trujillo city, so to get to Chicama you will require a proper and comfortable transfer, which will take about 1 hour. Our professional drivers carry with them a sign that will have your names on it and will identify him as crew member of the Chicama Surf Resort. Prices for this service change depending on the amount of guest in one reservation.


Extra Services that will complement you trip, Chicama Surf Resort Offers:

  • Massages
  • Transfers to Main Local Attractions in Trujillo
  • Surf Board Rental
  • Surf Lessons
  • Transfer to Other Surf Spots (Pacasmayo, Poemape, Huanchaco) Mountain Bike Rentals

You will be able to book those while being at the Chicama Surf Resort and pay them at the moment of your Check Out. Ask LUEX for more information, pricing and descriptions.

PP/Night from US$ 53