Dreamsea Surf Camp Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Guanacaste

Luxury glamping back-to-nature tropical surf experience suitable for all level surfers with a range of beach breaks, reefs and river-mouth on your doorstep.


Considered one of the most gratifying aspects of the Dreamsea Experience, the kitchen supplies two (Breakfast and Dinner) meals per day. In a buffet style approach to our food service, we focus on highlighting different cuisines of the World every day of the week. With all guests congregating in the dining area twice a day, our meals provide a wholesome sense of family, as the entire camp spends the beginning and conclusion of their magical days together through the communion of food and conversation.

Our camp chefs are trained professionals, and flawlessly provide nutritious and detailed meals on a daily basis. We remain health conscious, and provide alternative meal choices to those guests who refrain from eating meat. Using locally-sourced ingredients and eco-friendly cooking methods, the camp’s meals stand as one of the more exquisite dynamics to the entire Dreamsea experience.

PP/Night from US$ 57