Dreamsea Surf Camp Portugal

Portugal: Alentejo & North Algarve

Learn to surf whilst ‘slumming it’ in luxury ‘glamping' tents just meters from one of the most stunning white sand beaches in Portugal.

Rates & Packages

Rates & Dates 2017

2017 Normal Tents Glamping Tents Glamping Plus Tents
Starting Week First Week Extra Week 1 person 2 people 1 person 2 people
27.05.17 €199.00 €219.00 €369.00 €578.00 €409.00 €718.00
03.06.17 €249.00 €239.00 €399.00 €638.00 €439.00 €778.00
10.06.17 €269.00 €259.00 €419.00 €678.00 €509.00 €858.00
17.06.17 €289.00 €259.00 €439.00 €718.00 €509.00 €858.00
24.06.17 €289.00 €289.00 €439.00 €718.00 €509.00 €858.00
01.07.17 €319.00 €289.00 €469.00 €778.00 €539.00 €918.00
08.07.17 €319.00 €289.00 €469.00 €778.00 €539.00 €918.00
15.07.17 €319.00 €289.00 €469.00 €778.00 €539.00 €918.00
22.07.17 €319.00 €309.00 €469.00 €778.00 €539.00 €918.00
29.07.17 €339.00 €309.00 €489.00 €818.00 €559.00 €958.00
05.08.17 €339.00 €289.00 €489.00 €818.00 €559.00 €958.00
12.08.17 €319.00 €289.00 €469.00 €778.00 €539.00 €918.00
19.08.17 €319.00 €269.00 €469.00 €778.00 €539.00 €918.00
26.08.17 €299.00 €269.00 €439.00 €718.00 €509.00 €858.00
02.09.17 €299.00 €259.00 €439.00 €718.00 €509.00 €858.00
09.09.17 €289.00 €239.00 €439.00 €718.00 €509.00 €858.00
16.09.17 €269.00 €219.00 €399.00 €638.00 €479.00 €798.00
23.09.17 €249.00 N.C. €379.00 €638.00 €439.00 €758.00
Duvet + Pillow + Bed linen rental (Only applicable for Normal tents)  €10 per week
Prices per week   Normal Intensive
Surf   €115 / 10 hours €140 / 15 hours
Yoga   €30 / 3 lessons €45 / 5 lessons
Transfer Service
From/To Price per trip and person
Grândola €5
Lisbon €35

Please note:

  • This is a service just to make your way to Dreamsea easier. We could go and pick you up from the airports nearby and drop you back at your departure. As we don’t have a huge fleet and traffic or other issues don’t depend on us, even when we try our best it may be delayed up to a couple of hours
  • Transfers from Grândola airport can be done at any time
  • Transfers from Lisbon airport are done on specific hours (Early transfer - 10:30 / 7:15 / 11:15 and Late transfer - 14:30 / 18:30 / 15:15
  • For early transfer the time depends on the first guest departure
  • For late transfer the time depends on the last guest arrival

What is included / What not

Package inclusions

  • Accommodation in high quality tents
  • Full board every day includes:
  • Daily delicious breakfast buffet
  • Lunch Pack
  • Dinner Menu at the Camp
  • All surf equipment rental over your stay
  • Surfboard, wetsuit and leash
  • Beach Volleyball Tournament
  • Movie nights and lots of fun

Package exclusions

  • Surf lessons
  • Yoga lessons
  • Transport

Extended Description

Surfing lessons

Learn and improve your surfing skills with the best professionals at Dreamsea Surf Camp.
Joining our surf camp you will receive 10 hours of lessons per week, all of them in the water, 15 hours if you book the intensive lessons course. All with the best qualified and experienced instructors you can imagine, all our instructors will teach you not just how to surf, but how to enjoy the ride, and most important of all, how to enjoy the learning process, in a lifetime experience.

In Dreamsea Surf Camp you will be safe and comfortable all the time in the water because we provide one instructor and one assistant per eight students. Our instructors will be in the water helping you out, so you will take advantage of the personal attendance our instructors will give you. Your instructor will be the same all the week long, meaning a better communication flow.
Our surf camp instructors are one of the keys that make us different from the rest. All our instructors have the surf instructor license, they love the surf, and more important, they love teaching surf, so they will make a top effort to make you enjoy and love the surf as they do, while being safe. We guarantee you, you are going to love your surf instructor, the surfing experience, the Dreamsea Surf Camp team and every second you will be with us.
Each surf lesson lasts 90 minutes, normally one to two lessons per day, this makes Dreamsea Surf Camp the best option if you are really interested in learning how to surf. Of course, in our surf camp we have the best equipment, that you can use, even after the surfing lessons, all for free.

Normal Course

Our normal package allows for 10 hours of surfing lessons, in which you can expect to gain an understanding of the ocean environment and the surfing world. Don’t worry if you are an intermediate or advanced surfer, the normal question is about how many hours you will be in the water with the instructors. If you feel that 10 hours a week will be enough learning time for you, just book this option and enjoy the surf camp.

Intensive Course

If you want to really improve your skills during your stay in the surf camp, this is your option. If you book this option you will be learning and improving your surf skills for 15 hours per week. We guarantee that our intensive course is the best way to really learn and improve your surfing skills in one or two weeks. Our intensive program has been designed by professionals of the surfing sector, and will be re-adjusted for every single student. You will learn in all the lessons, and that will keep you excited and motivated. Of course, in the intensive course you will receive a more personalized attention, most of the time with a better student-instructor ratio.

Private Instructor

We give you the option of having an instructor dedicate all his time to you, or you can also hire an instructor for you and one or two friends.

If you are interested in this option, please ask us about prices and availability.

Free Surf

If you already have enough experience to surf independently and want to have the fun of a surf camp experience, you can join Dreamsea Surf Camp without having lessons with free access to all our equipment, including the surf equipment. You are also welcome to bring your own stuff, if you prefer.

Our instructors will be at your disposal for any advice or recommendations about surfing.

Yoga lessons

Relax and replenish your mind and body through yoga. Yoga is a commonly known generic term for its physical, mental, and spiritual discipline which origins lie in ancient India. One of the really good things about yoga applied to surf is that yoga is a perfect complement for such an all-around athletic sport. You will stretch and do positions that will help your body compensate for the exertion from surfing.

Why Dreamsea Surf Camp?

  • Because all our surf instructors are qualified and experienced, all of them in possession of the surf instructor certificate, specially chosen to make your learning-improving process an enjoyable, safe and beneficial process. We want you to have the most exciting experience, you and your joy matter the most to us.
  • Because in Dreamsea Surf Camp you will receive a minimum of 10 practical hours of surfing lessons per week, all of them in the water, always with an instructor and an assistant per each 8 students.
  • Because in our surf camp you will be part of the family, guests and surf camp team members create a big family. In our surf camp you will be able to borrow all our equipment for free.
  • Because Dreamsea Surf Camp was created by people with more of 10 years of working experience in surf camps, creating this surf camp to offer an ideal service, better adapted to the needs of our guests.
  • Because we believe that food is a really important and to us one of the key points. That is why we do not save on food. We know that in our surf camp there will be a lot of different tastes and that is why we offer a balanced diet and a great variety of first class products, selected by their quality.
  • Because Dreamsea Surf Camp has the best quality/price ratio of the sector. As we had explained in our philosophy, it is not a classic business, we believe there are a lot of things more important than money. Our goal is to transmit some principles, a healthy, active and full of energy way of life through sport like surfing.
  • Because in our surf camp you will have a great bed with a viscose-elastic mattress. We know after a exhausting day a good rest is essential, forget about shabby beds and mattresses, in our surf camp you will be able to have a duly rest.
  • Because we truly respect nature, that is why we do recycle everything we can, having different bins, and encouraging all our guests to recycle. Along with other surf camps we organize a "Cleaning the beach" event once a week.