EasyDrop Surf Camp Itacare

Brazil: South Bahia

Beautiful surf house just steps away from the beach. Communal areas, delicious local breakfasts and an abundance of breaks in the region.

Amenities & Activities


Therapeutic massages available at the EasyDrop’s Revitalize Spa will help you to actively rejuvenate your tense surfing muscles.  Besides the relaxing effect, massage increases your muscle power, mobility, and endurance and is therefore bound to increase your surfing success!

Surfing requires a very specific set of muscles that are generally not used in most other sports.  The resulting muscle aches & pains are best dealt with through our special massages!

Further benefits of massage therapy:

  • Activates blood and lymphatic circulation and thus the cleansing mechanism of the inner organs
  • Passively strengthens the immune system against viruses and infectious diseases
  • Stimulates production of endorphins (the body's natural pain killer)
  • Regulates muscle fiber viscosity
  • Improves movement & physical limits, as well as mood and sleep

EasyDrop’s Revitalize massage center is calm, airy, and fully equipped.  Fine natural oils and aromatic essences are used during all massages.

Professional surfing recovery massages by our certified Masotherapist available in our charming and professionally equipped EasyDrop Revitalize Spa.

Duration: 75 minutes per massage.


About the therapists

Veronica Neves

Qualified professional massage therapist through the Council of Holistic Therapists (CRTH - Sinth-BA 0886/05).

She performs Relaxing oil massage, Bio-dynamic Massage (Reiki) and Ayurvedic massage.

Veronica is an experienced massage therapist and applies massages with great skill and energy, always looking for the best recovery muscle result for surfers.

Carlos Zuqueto

Qualified as a massage therapist, specialized in Japanese Shiatsu pressotherapy.

More than a massage, Shiatsu is a medicine made with thumb pressure on special points of aculputura. Promotes deep harmonization of energy fields bringing physical balance, mental and emotional.

Carlos Zuqueto is also surfer and one of the oldest EasyDrop's surf instructors and he applies Shiatsu always with his characteristic energy and positive mood.



Our yoga lessons are scheduled in harmony with all of our surf sessions. They are led by a professional yoga instructor and surfer, and take place in a wooden gazebo set amidst the natural landscape of the Atlantic rain forest.

Yoga is the practice of self-realization and healing through various postures, breathing and meditation techniques. This Vinyasa style of Hatha yoga is a dynamic flow of postures. It develops strength, conditioning, coordination, and breathing, encouraging conscious use of your energy.

Added flexibility, equilibrium, coordination, and bio-consciousness will prove to be of great value while learning new surfing techniques.  In addition, the strength and power acquired through yoga are very helpful for paddling through the impact zone and while held underwater by a wave.  Yoga practice also promotes physiological, energetic, mental and emotional strength, providing the self-confidence and control necessary to deal with adverse situations in the sea.

Our yoga instructor and surfer, Gui Silva has been traching yoga since 2000.  In addition to his bachelor's degree in Physical Education, Gui is also certified as a yoga Instructor and Biogymnastics teacher.  In addition, he also holds a Brazilian Surf Council Surf Instructor certification. 

Our one-hour sessions take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, scheduled around our practical and theoretical surf lessons, in a beautiful and calm garden a 5-minute walk from the EasyDrop headquarters.

The yoga sessions are taught in English and Portuguese, with small groups of up to 8 people, and can be adapted for beginners or advanced yogis.

Two “Yoga for Surfers” lessons per week, taught by our professional yoga instructor and surfer Gui.  One-hour sessions on Monday, Tuesdays or Friday, scheduled according to our surf lessons and held in the beautiful park of Pousada Ilha Verde (central Itacaré).



Learn with us! EasyDrop’s weekly Portuguese Crash Course caters to students who would like to learn simple Portuguese sentences, basic vocabulary and grammar in a very short time frame.  The course contents also introduce aspects of Bahian and Brazilian culture.

Daily classes meet for one and a half hours and are held at the EasyDrop  headquarters. Our relaxed classroom atmosphere has all the tools you need to learn the native language and students will receive a printed instruction manual.  Groups of up to six students gather to practice their Portuguese either before or after our scheduled surf classes, so you can easily participate in both!

6 small & individualized Portuguese quick-learning classes that will help get you hooked on the local scene!

1 ½ hour NET lesson time per day, scheduled to fit together with all other EasyDrop activities.


Looking for more intense Portuguese lessons?

After an initial six-day period, students can upgrade their classes to more intense & challenging instruction. But even if you choose to stick with our regular crash course, you will eventually be able to understand most day-to-day conversations in Itacaré and express your needs and wishes.

The teacher, Márcia Borba has been teaching Portuguese to foreign corporate executives in São Paulo for five years. In 2002, she moved from São Paulo to Itacaré in order to escape the stress of the big city.


Airport shuttles

Group-independent airport taxi shuttle service between Ilhéus and Itacaré on your individual flight arrival and departure dates and times (any day/night) available for your safe and timely transportation convenience (1 ½ hours net driving time each way).

PP/Night from US$ 105