El Salvador Surf Camps

El Salvador: Costa Del Balsamo

All budget and skill levels catered for with this range of location choices all in beach front spots with nearby surf and some with swimming pool.


Antigua Guatemala

Guatemala offers many options such as Antigua Guatemala, a beautiful colonial city where it seems that time has stopped, Founded on March 10 1543 in the Valley Panchoy by the Spanish explorer Francisco de la Cueva, Antigua Guatemala was built to function as the seat of Government the kingdom of Guatemala, which included all of Central America, Chiapas and Tabasco in Mexico, is traditionally the best known colonial city in the region, a place that has been characterized over the years to be visited by international tourists, the perfect place for those seeking culture and history.


Lago Atitlan, Panjachel

Lake Atitlan is considered one of the most important city of Guatemala, has diverse natural, ethnic and folk as well as strong pre-Columbian cultures of ancient history. On the banks of the lake where indigenous populations still preserve the appearance, dress and language of pre-Columbian times, you can know every indian village traveling by boat from the main villaje of Panajachel. The place is unique and unforgettable considered by UNESCO as a cultural heritage.



Tikal National Park, located in the department of Petén in northern Guatemala, covers an area of 576 square kilometers, the park contains some of the most important archaeological remains of ancient Mayan civilization. Excavated by the University of Pennsylvania 1956 and 1969, Tikal is the largest archaeological site excavated in America, and is the most impressive archaeological site in Central America.


Bay Islands

Honduras, is surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean as transparent as air, also in shades of blue, which is very common appreciate turquoise waters, are just perfect to enjoy swimming or snorkeling or relaxing at the beachfront, here is much more than a natural paradise or a heavenly kingdom. In addition to its natural diversity with rainforests that cover its entire territory live a great diversity of animals, birds, reptiles, fish, plants and trees.

Roatan is the largest island and most tourism developed, there is also the Island of Guanaja and the Island of Utila, the latter being the perfect place for diving activities that you can do within the islands, here you can see one of the most impressive reefs coral barriers, it is well known over the world for its impressive variety of species, dolphins, whale shark, plus night dives, dolphin show, fishing, snorkeling, kitesurfing. If you do not have certification for diving the Bay Islands are the perfect place to get one.

From the Pacific Coast of El Salvador, the trip takes about a day, traveling from the Pacific Ocean, with its big waves and black sand beaches, to the Central American Caribbean.


San Juan Del Sur

San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua is a small and cute town in the interior of the bay that delimits the Pacific Ocean about 60 km west of Granada and only 24 km from the border with Costa Rica. San Juan del Sur is surrounded by mountains, and has an enormous beach of more than 3 km of white sand and is helped by a wonderful climate throughout the year, which allows surfing, spearfishing, fishing with paintings, summer. San Juan del Sur has become a mandatory stop on the route of the Central American surf, San Juan del Sur is the place where all the surfers come to stay, then take tours to the beaches nearby such as Majahual and Popoyos.


Costa Del Sol

Located a few kilometer from the international airport of El Salvador, Costa del Sol is one of the most exclusive beach areas in the country, the peninsula let you have access to "estero de jaltepeque" where you will find a very developed areas, boats tours, restaurants at the piers. Costa del Sol also has most of the high class hotels at the coast of El Salvador, at Costa del Sol you can make diferent activities like fishing, jetski, surfing, boat tours around the islands, go to bars and restaurants.


Lago De Coatepeque and Izalco Volcano

Lago de Coatepeque is located a few hours away from the pacific coastline of El Salvador. The area is known as Volcano Comples, and is included at the natural area El Volcan de Izalco, Santa Ana volcanoe and Coatepeque Lake. this can be a one day tour or stay one night in one of the hotels at the shore of the lake. the place is very private and you can make activities like fishing, boat tours, diving, jetski, wave boarding. also you can take a walk around the mountains and climb the Izalco volcanoe.

PP/Night from US$ 52