Florblanca Resort

Costa Rica: Golfo de Nicoya

Experience the true meaning of outdoor/indoor living in this beachfront paradise where both surfing and relaxation are of first class standard.

Viva Florblanca

Why VIVAFlorblanca?

For so many of our guests, Florblanca is a beacon of rustic luxury where the Pura Vida life is ever-present. Artists, surfers, designers, chefs, couples, families, and adventurous, creative people from around the globe visit us to connect with the life we live here, so tied to nature, to our environment, and to our people.

With VIVAFlorblanca, we want to reach you at home to inspire this lifestyle everyday. We are sharing Pilates practices led by Jenny, Nadja, and Lucia that are set all throughout our gorgeous property. Each class provides a different focus that is meaningful both on and off the mat.

We are sharing recipes from Nectar Restaurant to encourage a healthy diet. We are sharing our own insights and outlooks that we believe help us live a happier, healthier, and longer life. And we are introducing you to our guests because we think you will feel a connection with them, that you will relate to their stories and be inspired.

We are thrilled to share VIVAFlorblanca with you wherever you are in your travels, at home, or at work. Let us know what interests you and what topics you want to see here. Stay connected, stay enlightened, stay inspired.

PP/Night from US$ 175