Freeride Surf Resort

Portugal: South Algarve

Fantastic deals offered with this spacious 4* design hotel overlooking the ocean and harbor of Sagres.


What is the Freeride Surfcamp & School?

Freeride is a Oficial Surf School that offers surf packs with and without accommodation; Daily and weekly or more Surf courses, for beginners and advanced students of all ages.


How long does it take a Freeride full surf course?

Due to organizational and didactic reasons the minimum period to take a full surf course with Freeride is of 7 days (at least 5 days of surf lessons). Nevertheless, Freeride accepts participants that haven’t got availability to complete the full surf course of one week and that can only do 1, 2 or 3 days of course, on this case Freeride just doesn’t guarantee the same results.


When is the best surf season in Sagres?

For total beginners we recommend April to October, since the waves are small and medium size, while the weather and water temperature are warmer.

During the summer holidays (July and August) there’s much more tourists in Sagres (especially surfers) and, although the lodging prices are higher than in the low season, in this time of the year fun is guarantee while parties take place almost everywhere.

From November to March rain is more frequent and the waves get bigger. Anyway, there are reasonable conditions to learn and improve your surfing, as the beaches get deserted and there are quality waves breaking constantly.

Our favourite season is March and April, with the strong swells getting in on both coasts (South and west) and predominant winds blowing from southeast, multiples surf picks start to work and therefore there’s much more surf options, and the beaches are practically empty while the weather is already warm.


In which beaches do the surf lessons take place?

The Freeride surf lessons take place on the best surf beaches of the area according to the swell and wind conditions. During the summer most of the lessons take place ion Cordoama beach, one of the most consistent breaks on the west coast, considered a surf paradise and where a World Surf competition takes place every year in July, as long as is where we have our beach Hut where you can get fully assistance from our staff during the whole day at the beach.


How do the students get to the beach?

For the transport of our students we have 3 surf vans that where adapted to the surf transport needs. Although most of the beaches can be reached by the surf van, some times we need to walk just for a few minutes after the van ride. With this we are normally out of Sagres for 6 to 8 hours a day.


How far will I get with a week surf course from Freeride?

If you never surfed before, you will be about able to paddle for middle size mellow waves, stand up in the right moment, in safety and finish the wave with the feet in the right position still on the top of the board (Longboard or Malibu). Afterwards, and depending in your evolution, you will be able to surf down the wave and control tip and tail keeping the board permanently gliding and also turning the board to the direction the wave permits.

You will also learn a lot about safety rules and behaviour, wind, waves, tides, surfing picks, priority rules, etiquette, surf gear, etc


Are there any prerequisites for the surf course participation?

We accept students of both sex and any age. The students should know how to swim and for a faster progression, we advice you to have a look at our physical preparation program.


What happens in case of bad weather?

Due to the nature of this sport, there may have to be changes to the planned surf courses. In case of bad weather or dangerous conditions for surf practicing, the organizer can offer a suitable alternative program or cancel the surf classes. However, these kinds of situations rarely happen.


What is the average age of the Freeride students?

The average age of our participants is approximately 25 years old, but we have successfully taught people with ages ranging from 6 - 60 years. Freeride surfcamp & School participants come from all over the world and almost 40% are women.


Do we surf everyday?

The surf School works everyday. The surfcamp packs for one week start normally on Sundays and end on Saturdays, for the participants that choose this week courses, there are no surf lessons on Sundays (day of arrival) and Saturdays (day of departure).


Is the surfcamp on the beach?

If you chose the  surfcamp package with accommodation in the Hotel memo Baleeira, the location of the Hotel and our Surf Center is just next to the Martinhal beach (5 minutes walking) and 15 minutes distant from the other beaches of Sagres. However, in the summer season, normally, waves don’t break in these beaches, only under exceptional conditions of strong swell and southeast wind, but they are perfect for swimming. The village of Sagres, where Freeride is set, has a privileged location towards the ocean being surrounded by beaches and cliffs in almost all its extension.


Are we lodged in single rooms or together with others in double/triples?

The participants staying at the surfcamp share a double or a triple room.


Can I arrive earlier than the scheduled camp-start and/or leave later?

Yes, it is possible to get a room earlier and/or longer than the scheduled two week dates. In this case, if there are no vacancies at the surfcamp, Freeride offers the possibility to stay in independent lodging. For pricing for the extra nights ask LUEX.


Can I also just book a surf course (without lodging)?

Yes, you can book just a surf course and take care of lodging yourself. Freeride offers daily surf lessons packs including transport to the beach.


How far in advance do I have to book to assure my place?

Since the demand on Freeride surfcamp courses has been growing constantly and we have limited vacancies, we strongly recommend booking at least 3 weeks in advance, otherwise vacancies might book up before you reserve your space.



PP/Night from US$ 30