Freeride Surf Resort

Portugal: South Algarve

Fantastic deals offered with this spacious 4* design hotel overlooking the ocean and harbor of Sagres.


"An amazing week, coming alone I was worried but need not to have been as the instructors and fellow pupils were so warm, kind and generous with their time that I felt relaxed straight away and missed them as soon as the retreat was over. Wonderful."

Claire Hepworth



"Thank you Marta, Michael and Nicolau for an amazing week full of joy, fun, laughter, and connections. It is a very personal experience allowing development of your mind, body and soul. You all have so much knowledge to share, to offer, the perfect mix of experiences for an unforgettable week. The deepened awareness and appreciation of life gained from the pure flow motion experience will continue to grow and last a lifetime. Thank you.

Love XXX"

Sophie Adams



" Thanks for an amazing week last week. I feel so refreshed and relaxed, it was a really fantastic week. Really well organized and with such a personal touch that made it a truly great break. Everyone in the group was really nice, the hotel was really great and the surf lessons are addictive, need to come back for more. I'm already missing the great food every day and the days in the nature are much better than my day in the office :) I will definately be back for more and I recommend it to anyone thinking of going to Pure Flow Motions. Thanks xxx "

Charlie MacGregor



The ocean, sun, beautiful nature, a lot of fun, delicious food, intense relaxing yoga sessions, feeling the power of the waves while surfing, walks through the beautiful landscapes, time for yourself and meeting nice people! Got all these things in one perfectly organized week, and yes really relaxed and balanced during this time. I am feeling really thankful for this time. Thanks for every one of you 3 for every thing!

Julia Kappel



"I will never forget my experience with Pure flow motions, an amazing combination of yoga/meditation, surfing and walking complementing and enhancing my spiritual growth. Our guides, Michael, Marta and Nicolau have a great depth of knowledge and always friendly and welcoming! A very personal experience and enough to keep a very active person entertained."

John Adams



"Very nice retreat. Good combination of yoga, meditation, surfing and hiking. Great food and luxurious environment, both in nature and at the hotel."

Sita Holtslag



"I really felt welcomed and well looked after. It was a great time out. 4 days was just too short. Have a good continuation. Thank you!"

Joelle Herling