Heliski Nepal


Pack your flip-flops and ski boots because heliskiing in Nepal has a little of everything!

"The slopes of the Himalayas offer epic skiing terrain"

You might think of hot sunny days and vibrant, fun cities, when you think of Nepal, but did you know that this Asian country is also home to some epic skiing terrain? You can enjoy the best of both worlds with a Heliski Nepal trip, shredding the slopes of the Himalayas all morning and touring in flip-flops and shorts all afternoon.

"Ski & snowboard gear for an incredible day of heliskiing"

Nepal is a beautiful and unique country, filled with lively restaurants and bars, and many international travelers. You’ll start this special heliski adventure at Annapurna where you can hang out lakeside after a day of skiing, the next day its back up to Pokhara where you’ll trade out your warm-weather clothes for ski and snowboard gear for an incredible day of heliskiing.  During the heliski Nepal trip, you’ll ski in the Himalayas, Asia’s tallest mountains and tackle slopes from 5,200 down to 3,700 meters.

Adventure, culture, and a chance to wear your flip-flops and ski boots on the same day, it’s all waiting in Nepal!

4 reasons to choose Heliski Nepal:

  1. Excellent, steep heliskiing terrain!
  2. Unique opportunity to tour Nepal villages and ski on the same day!
  3. Immerse yourself in the fascinating culture of Nepal.
  4. Great addition to a trip to Asia.