Heliski Nepal


Pack your flip-flops and ski boots because heliskiing in Nepal has a little of everything!


Checklist for Heliski and Heliboarding Trips

As for things to bring for the trip to Nepal, its a mixed bag.  Nepal for example is the same latitude as Miami Florida, hence the jungle and the Bengal Tigers, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos, etc. Kathmandu will be warmer where you could get by with sandals, shorts and light shirts in the day and a light jacket, sweater and pants in the evening. In the mountains it will be colder, but not so cold that it will be uncomfortable. Actually the weather and temperatures in the mountains are very similar to the Alps and Sierra Nevada's in the winter (the Rockies and eastern US ski areas are much colder). It can be somewhat cold in the mornings, but as usual once the sun hits you it warms up quite a bit.  It is never so cold that you would not want to be out there for example.

What we suggest is to bring your regular ski clothing with some extra layers for the early morning hours. Warm gloves and medium weight gloves should do the trick and maybe a face mask or scarf just in case there is a cold wind blowing.

What we  use is a good layer system with gore-tex shell top & bottom. We also suggest bringing one warm down jacket, its nice to have for the early morning before skiing hours and the after skiing hours.

This is a very casual trip, there is no need to bring along any formal wear, you can pretty much go anywhere in Kathmandu or Pokhara wearing a t-shirt, levis and fleece jacket. The outdoor look is the common look and attire for the foreigners who visit Nepal, only the foreign diplomats and Hotel staff are suited up.

Here's a list of some of clothing items, etc. that you can use as an guideline, the quantity and type of clothing is up to you.


Kathmandu (KTM) & Tiger Tops clothing & miscl. items:  (personal per person list, unless otherwise noted)

  • Sandals & tennis shoes  (you can play tennis at the Hotel in KTM and in Pokhara if you want)
  • Shorts, casual and sports
  • T-shirts
  • Swim shorts or suit (the Yak & Yeti has a swimming pool)
  • Gym clothing (only needed if you want to work out)
  • Medium weight sports type jacket or fleece jacket
  • Fleece tops or sweaters
  • Comfortable casual clothing for dinners and cruising the town, etc. (there is no need to have formal clothing, this is a very casual trip and area)
  • Underwear and socks for 10 days (we have laundry facilities, but sometimes it is easier not to have to hassle with it until the end of the trip, plus it does not take up much room)
  • Overnight kit: tooth brush-paste, spare razors, shampoo, lotions, etc..
  • Small personal medical kit with some of the following medications: Aspirin, Advil, Pepto Bismo and  CIPRO -you need a prescription for this, its for dysentery should you get it, band aids, cough drops, etc. HHSG will provide all the high altitude medications and extensive medical kit, including oxygen and compression bag, etc. * Optional medication, light sleeping pill and light pain killer such as Asper-Codeine. Consult your doctor for advice on your personal medical kit-


Ski clothing & miscl. items:   (personal per person list, unless otherwise noted)

  • Scarf or face mask
  • One pr. warm gloves & one pr. medium weight gloves, or mittens if you prefer mittens
  • One top & bottom heavy expedition gauge long underwear (I prefer the poly-pro synthetic types)
  • One medium weight top & bottom long underwear (I prefer the poly-pro synthetic types)
  • One medium weight fleece or insulated jacket to put under your shell top
  • One medium weight fleece or insulated vest to put under your shell top
  • Gore-tex (or similar material),  jacket & pants or bib-pants; or insulated jacket and pants; or one piece insulated ski suit or one piece shell suit. (I prefer the shell jacket and bib pants w/layer system)
  • Two medium weight ski socks and two heavy weight ski socks (if you can use different thickness socks anyway, if not no worries.. just bring 4 or 5 pr. of what your used to using)
  • Goggles (bring extra lenses, if your a couple one extra goggle for back up)
  • Sunglasses one each (we have a Maui Jim sunglass test center your welcome to try anytime during the trip)
  • Warm down or insulated jacket
  • One pr. warm after ski boots  (I prefer high top hiking shoes)
  • Ski boots  & ski poles
  • Warmer casual clothing for après skiing   
  • Sunscreen, get the strongest you can find
  • One light weight backpack to carry your cameras with, water, snacks and shovel & probe which we provide should you not have any-
  • One insulated water bottle for water or energy drinks, etc. *optional small thermos


Personal gear that you may or may not want to bring:

  • Digital camera, 35mm Cameras or video cameras (we will be taking photos & video footage during the heliski portion of the trip)
  • Lap Top computer.  We will have one with us and can be connected at any time via our sat phone connection. If you have an web-based e-mail we can check your mail in the field at anytime if needed.
  • Skis, we will have the latest Atomic skis available for you to use, they are the following models:  Sugar Daddy, Big Daddy, Sweet Daddy and the Stomp. Take a look at them and see if their the kind of skis you want to ski on. We find that the Sugar Daddy is the most popular ski, its a great ski and very versatile. If your used to your own skis and don't like switching skis, then we suggest you bring your own-
  • Tennis Racket   (they have clay tennis courts at the Yak & Yeti)
  • Swiss Army knife or leatherman
  • Any snack or energy foods, etc. that you like to have for skiing such as; energy bars, Power Bars, chocolates, energy mixes for drinks, Jerky, vitamins, etc. (we will supply some, but you may have some favorites which you can only get at home)
PP/Night from US$ 1,403