Hotel Tugu Bali

Indonesia: Bali

For those of you who enjoy luxury, the balinese culture and still like to surf all day, this ocean front boutique hotel in the surfer hotspot of Canggu is perfect.

Amenities & Activities


Hotel Tugu Bali’s Waroeng Djamoe Spa connects you to the secrets of the ancient mystical East: authentic treatments from old Indonesian traditions that combine aspects of spirituality with the art of physical healing to achieve the ultimate balance of mind, body and soul.

  • Herbal healing Djamoe apothecary
  • 5-hour royal javanese palatial pampering
  • Healthy and rejuvenating bath and body treatments
  • 8-hour treatment of the southern sea
  • Chakra opening massage with healing mantras
  • Anxient exotic hot stone massage
  • Traditional balinese phototaking with costume
  • Purnama & tilem massage energy of the bali moon


For those who no longer consider themselves beach bums, Hotel Tugu Bali’s Surf in Style is a blend of five-star bells and whistles with world-class surf. At Canggu Beach, a quiet surf and sunset beach in the quaint fishermen village of Canggu, we provide the luxury of stepping out of bed every morning, checking out the waves out of your bedroom windows, and coming home from a hard day of surfing to the luxury of your beautiful suite. Treat yourself with late breakfasts by the sea, heavenly massages at our spa, ice-cold beers and the many other ways we spoil our surfer guests with. Tugu is a heaven for surfers, kite surfers and paddle boarders with a taste for the truly exotic luxury.

We also offer a special ‘5 Nights Surfing in Style’ package.


Yoga at Hotel Tugu Bali offers a variety of classes for all levels and provides a comfortable space to explore the body, mind and soul. Our classes are invigorating, empowering, detoxifying and taught by professional, passionate teachers at a level determined by you.

Newer students can build a strong base while more experienced practitioners can take their poses deeper with variations. Be okay with not being able to do everything perfectly — our classes are designed to challenge and inspire. You don’t need to already be flexible, strong or coordinated to do yoga. Yoga will take you there.

We also offer a special ‘Yoga Escape’ package.

Cooking Class

Indonesia is a blessed country rich in history, arts, cultures and traditions. Its diverse cuisine is a celebration of this wealth. Iboe Soelastri’s Cooking Class in Hotel Tugu Bali introduces a unique hands-on kitchen experience that exposes guests to centuries-old tradition in Indonesian gastronomy, specifically Javanese and Balinese cuisine, embracing authentic, indigenous cooking techniques and ingredients. Glimpse into the beautiful simplicity and exotic richness of Indonesian cooking and dining culture with Iboe Soelastri, Hotel Tugu Bali’s chef of fine Indonesian cuisine.

Balinese Dance Class

Experience the splendor of Balinese dance presented by esteemed dance instructors. This class is designed to provide an insight into the significance of art, dance and music to the Balinese, both in everyday practice and in a spiritual context.

Floral Arrangement Class

Learn the spiritual art of gebogan (Balinese floral arrangements) and get creative with dulang (Balinese clay) and native Indonesian fruits and flowers – each variety and color is positioned on compass points according to the deity they represent. Take home your work of art as a keepsake of your stay at Hotel Tugu Bali.

Herbal Healing Djamoe Wellbeing Class

Djamoe is an ancient art of herbal healing from Java. To preserve the knowledge of this traditional medicine, the tightly guarded recipes have been handed down through generations. Set in an authentic and mildly dramatized Javanese kitchen, the Djamoe Class is a step back in time to the days where kitchen and backyards also served as pharmacies.

PP/Night from US$ 155