Hotel Tugu Bali

Indonesia: Bali

For those of you who enjoy luxury, the balinese culture and still like to surf all day, this ocean front boutique hotel in the surfer hotspot of Canggu is perfect.


Indonesia’s Cultural Dining

In line with the mission to bring back to life the art, soul and romance of Indonesia, Tugu presents the Indonesia’s Cultural Dining, where dining is a whole theatre recreated to transport guests to the golden eras of Indonesian history.

Every dish in the menu has been carefully researched, to present the richness of Indonesia’s dining culture, the complexity of our spices, the beautiful tastes, the uniqueness and the wonderful array of cuisine of this archipelago.

Dining at Tugu is served like nowhere else. It is more than a meal; it’s a rare, unique experience that allows you to travel to the romantic eras of Indonesia centuries ago. With the signature Indonesia’s Cultural Dining, Tugu recreates the forgotten art of culinary – from the kitchen of the humble Javanese villagers to the royal feasts.

Royal Ancient Hindu Kingdom Dining

Experience the elegant imperial dining of the Balinese kings and the royals. Celebrating Bali of the 19th century, a lavish dinner is served at Bale Puputan, a dining room decorated with beautiful Balinese antiques and artwork, and a beautiful marble table from two centuries ago.

Grand Rijsttafel

The most elaborate and lavish dining ceremonial ever existed in the colonial times in Batavia (Jakarta during the colonial time). Created by the inland Dutch to explore the best of what Indonesian food has to offer, the grand meal used to be served at the most high-end dinner for the Dutch officials at that time. The grandiose atmosphere is built upon the sumptuous menu on the table: Mounts of yellow rice surrounded by sampling of different Indonesian dishes varying in spices, color and flavors. It is a true journey for the taste buds.

Aphrodisiac Picnic in Bed

As the sunset goes down behind the Indian Ocean, enter another world of Hotel Tugu Bali, a dreamlike atmosphere filled with candlelight and magical sounds. For a romantic evening, raise expectations – Tugu style. In your 18th century antique bed, solo on a private beach lawn, illuminated by oil lanterns and a red dusky Canggu sky, you will be tucked in for a private gourmet picnic under the moonlight – culminating with two blindfolds to accompany your to-die-for desserts.

Full Moon Beach BBQ

The dramatic long sandy beach of Canggu, the rhythmic waves to the fore and the wild rice paddies in the background. A most exquisite setting, this is the only place on the entire southwest coast of Bali that allows for complete privacy save that of the personal butler and chef. The Tugu Bali’s private beach BBQ is where guests can be at one with nature and enjoy absolute privacy with the chosen one

And many more options...

PP/Night from US$ 155