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How it all started

It all started with two handsome gents in a crowded lineup somewhere in Sydney in 2007. Initially, Tim and Henne had the idea of running some boats in the Maldives, trying to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for people bold enough to trust the expertise and vision of two boardsport junkies turned tour operators.

After a few successful go's in the Maldives, the company quickly grew in size, heads, and dreams, adding snow trips as another element to disrupt the lifestyle travel market.

Fast forward, with a few logo tweaks and name changes (From Lineupexplorers to LUEX) under our belts, we are a small-ish team of travel and action sports fanatics zig-zagging oceans and slopes to provide you with 500+ of the world's most memorable trips while working tirelessly on

ways to push our digital product experience to become the leading place online to find, customize and book trips.


We have grown from a humble start-up to one of the world's leading online surf & snow travel agencies by providing unbiased, operator-independent expert advice. To guarantee the best travel experience out there, we develop technology-driven booking services.

We don't own, run or control any of the trips but rather connect travelers with operators/suppliers of once-in-a-lifetime sports travel experiences and products. Your trip - orchestrated according to your taste, budget, style and skill level.

By doing so, we guarantee to mediate curated travel experiences that are 100% right for you and your needs.

Wherever you want to go, whenever you want to go, we make sure to connect you with the best, most reputable suppliers while providing safe booking options, best price guarantee and customer service with love.

Why we're doing this

It's pretty simple. We have been in your shoes, and we think we all deserve better! We can all agree that finding, comparing and booking your dream vacation that includes hotels and rooms plus extra services like guiding, coaching, transfers, rental, helicopters, and the lot can be overwhelming. It's a time killer in the worst sort of way and throwing endless options, availabilities and different rates your way just adds to the problem.

We want to filter out the noise for customers by simplifying processes while sharing our passion and experience to create meaningful travel experiences for you.

What we believe traveling should be like

The process leading up to a trip should be filled with excitement, Pinterest location searches, and daydreams. However, the opposite is often the case, and people find themselves frustrated and lost in a sea of options.

Traveling should be simple. Traveling should be more than just trading one place for another for a while. And it should never be complicated.

We're working hard to simplify how the booking experience is delivered so our clients can focus on the good stuff and leave the rest up to us. We encourage you to get off the beaten path to seek out new destinations, discover new cultures, and safely experience the world's most incredible adventures. Because in the end, the experience is everything.

How you should travel

We're working hard to ensure you get the most transparent travel experience found online. We have the largest selection of surf and snow experiences and go above and beyond to add new destinations regularly. We have long-lasting relationships with almost all of our partners, which is why we can offer you the best possible rates for your trip - guaranteed!

We don't just sell you a holiday, but we want to make sure that we find you a trip that's made for you. We invite you to see traveling through our eyes while making sure you create your own memories.

We're doing things differently

Yes, we all work for a company that sells trips, but more importantly, we are all surfers, freeskiers, snowboarders, skaters, action sports heroes, and everything in between who travel. We know the pains and frictions you endure when trying to find, compare and book your trips because we endure them too. It's time to do something about it!

We developed a tool that will disrupt the industry by providing customers with a revolutionary way of searching, comparing, and booking trips (and all the add-ons) in real time.

Bookthrough lets you check availability, compare rates, and customize your dream trip with add-ons in minutes at the comfort of your own home. It virtually eliminates long-winded email chains, cuts down booking time to a minimum, and cures logistical headaches in just a few clicks. Thanks to Bookthrough, we are able to create the most intuitive, seamless, and rewarding trip experience in the world for you.

Any time. Any place. Any idea

While Bookthrough is doing all the heavy lifting for you (and us), we'll never lose what got us to where we are today in the first place. Customer service with love. We're passionate about what we do and want you to enjoy traveling as much as we do.

From us, you'll get unbiased, provider-independent and objective expert advice with best price guarantee. We'll stand up for you when the going gets rough and dedicate all of our time to help you find the perfect trip tailored to your needs at no cost. Because travel is special.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Book with Us

LUEX offers the most extensive and best selection of surf trips worldwide.

Provider independence and quality are our mission.

Our goal is that our customers can find the perfect surf trip, tailored to their needs, in one place.

All our experts are surfers and part of the lifestyle.

Our experts know the destinations/spots personally or are in close contact with local surfers or suppliers.

We are supplier-independent. We only offer trips that fit the needs of our customers.

We guarantee to beat any price on the market.

It is not cheaper to book directly with the supplier.

We do not charge a fee for our expert advice.

We offer professional booking tools for our customers.

Secure payment functions for all currencies.

Payment options for groups and instalments.

You're talking to real people, not automated chats or bots.

We'll stand up for you when the going gets rough.

We are insiders and want you to enjoy the surf lifestyle as much as we do.

Unbiased, independent, technology driven! We don't own, run or control any of the trips but rather connect travelers with operators/suppliers of once-in-a-lifetime sports travel experiences and products. Your trip - orchestrated according to your taste, budget, style and skill level and backed by our technology-driven booking services and support

A more sustainable business, one tree at a time

We teamed up with the folks at Eden Project to do our part in protecting the environment. We are thrilled to be a part of their global restoration network creating livelihoods in Indonesia and empowering them to restore and protect mangrove forests. We’re trying to do our part. Are you trying to do yours?

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