Best Price Guarantee


Always looking for the best possible deal? No problem with LUEX. We will always offer you the lowest price on the market. We will beat/match every price offered to you by any other agency or any other operator. LUEX guarantees you the lowest price and you will still enjoy the excellent service we offer. That is a LUEX’ guarantee!

The details

Please check and compare the packages on After you have made a decision on where you want to go feel free to check the prices of our competitors for the same packages. In case you find the same package for a lower price somewhere else please request the offer in written form and forward it to us. We will match/beat this price!

Please note

  • The other offer must be for an identical package that consists of exactly the same parts and services as the offer on to make the offer comparable.
  • The other offer must be real and LUEX remains the right to check the validity of it.
  • The other offer must be made by a party that is entitled to make the offer.
  • You have to compare and submit the other offer before booking. We will not be able to refund you any price differences after you have booked on