Clients Testimonials

Surf Testimonials

Thanks to the whole team at Lineupexplorers for putting together an incredible surf trip for me and my friends – we had a perfect surf holiday with awesome conditions and a really nice time in an amazing surf camp. LUEX rocks!

Remko S., The Netherlands (The Chillhouse – Indonesia)

I really appreciated the great support and individual consulting from LUEX; I booked my first surf trip this summer and learned surfing! See you next year at the latest!

Patrick H., Switzerland (Easy Drop Surfcamp – Fuerteventura)

I was extremely impressed with the ability for all, agency and operator, to work so well together. It would obviously be easier if only one company owned/ran/marketed the boat, but the team i was dealing with was incredible and made no difference to precise, valuable and timely information, responses and feedback.

Tom N., Australia (Moon Palikir – Mentawaiis)

Tim, thanks a lot for helping us finding the right place. We know we’re quite picky and require a lot of support but you totally got our idea. Maldives was incredible! Thanks!

Victoria A., Italy (Kandooma Resort – Maldives)

Hi Tim, bru, you made it very easy! Thanks for coordinating so well and passing on your experience – we wouldn’t have known nearly as well. Good to have an agency that actually knows!

Wayde B., South Africa (Kima Surfcamp Seminyak - Indonesia)

I just booked a surf trip on a charter boat at Lineupexplorers and was impressed about the great job they did. I enjoyed the whole trip and had an amazing time. Thanks LUEX for booking this trip for me!

Kristian B., Denmark (MV Swell – Maldives)

I didn’t have time to take care about booking a surf trip so I asked LUEX to organize. The LUEX team was really passionate and certainly knows the different needs of their customers.

Joao D., Portugal (SurfMaroc Yoga Surf Retreats – Morocco)

Phil, it's an amazing place and we have a great room – thanks for your last minute organization – especially since it was during the weekend! Many thanks!

Aliya S., Russia (The Surf Experience – Portugal)

Tim, I had such an amazing experience in Sri Lanka last November I want your opinion on a place to surf again in August of this year. Thanks for the help Tim, and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Joshua Archer, USA (The Green Rooms – Sri Lanka)

Hi Phil, thanks for all your help. We were last minute and only have this one week this year. Surfcastle is amazing!

Nadine B, Germany (Surf Castle – Portugal)

Claudie, thanks for your mail. We are here and it all looks perfect, the waves are looking good. Thank you again for your help.

Will J., UK (Waves Costa Rica – Costa Rica)

Tim, on behalf of my friends and myself, i wish to pass on a huge thanks to LUEX, Intan from Java Sea Charters and most importantly, the whole Indonesian Crew who made the whole 10 days an absolutely fabulous experience.

Craig P., Canada (Java Sea Charter – Indonesia)

Tim, thought i would shoot you a bit of feedback about the trip.

MV Swell was an awesome boat with an awesome crew, all had a fantastic time. Thanks again Tim I will of course recommend to anyone else I know going on surf trips and will be back for the next Maldives trip!

Matt Seears, UK (MV Swell – Maldives)

During my trip some unexpected trouble happened that really nobody could foresee nor avoid. However, Phil helped me significantly in getting a refund for the missed services that we paid for. Bummer that it happened but good to know LUEX backed me afterwards.

Emily F., Taiwan (Sagana Resort Cloud 9 – The Philippines)

Phil, thank you again for a great surfing holiday in Sri Lanka!

It was great! Really really amazing! I am sending you some pics :) THANKS!

Valentina A., Russia (The Green Rooms – Sri Lanka)

Just a quick note to thank you for all your help. The Blue Horizon was great, the crew were really helpful, the surf was pumping and there wasn't another boat around! All in all great destination and a great holiday. Thank you so much!

Saad Hossain, UK (Blue Horizon II – Maldives)

Dear Tim! We would like to thank you for our wonderful trip! It was fabulastic (fabulous+fantastic). Also thanks to Claudie! We met cool people in Camino Surf camp. See you next year!

Ksenia Dolganova & family, Russia (Camino Surfcamp – Spain)

Tim, we booked a beginner's surf training this February in Taghazout Surf Lodge with Younes Arabab and it was a really great experience! Within two weeks I was able to surf green waves - now I am addicted to surf! Lineupexplorers +1!

Berny C., Austria (Taghazout Surf Lodge – Morocco)

Hi Phil! Thank you very very much for a great and fantastic recommendation for the Surfcastle! It was more than amazing! Really, big and huge thank you! I loved the place, the atmosphere, the attitude and the location of course!

Alexandra T., Australia (Surf Castle – Portugal)

Phil, Peniche was fantastic. Thank you so much for your patience and support. We now want to go somewhere to escape the winter. Could you help us again, please?

Johanna K. , Spain (Maximum Surfcamp – Portugal)

By the way, we had great waves and the crew were fantastic (especially our surf guide Onkar was a exceptional). Thanks for all the help.

Hilton Hornigold, UK (Sea Farer – Maldives)

The crews balance between being extremely professional and engaging with the clients and having fun was also spot on. It was honestly like having a few more mates on the boat, they are all wonderfully positive in nature, smiling, relaxed. Myself and everyone on the guys have said they genuinely loved talking and spending time with each crew member.

Ruben F., Ireland (Sama Sama – Indonesia)

Even though waves and weather could have been better, everything that LUEX could influence was very well taken care of. Thanks!

Katerina, Poland (The Stormrider Surfcamp – Indonesia)

Snow Testimonials

I will definitely get back to you when planning my next trip. I was very positively surprised regarding your excellent service and the personal support you and probably all at Lineupexplorers offer. Unfortunately rather an exception these days. Keep it up!

Nico M., Germany (Bighorn Heli Lodge – Canada)

They organized an awesome stay at the very best location. It perfectly fit to my wishes, budget and ski skills - it was wonderful and I didn’t have to care about the planning! Thanks Claudie!

Cedric V., France (Eskimo Snowcat Freeriding – Macedonia)

Claudie, you are amazing! The help you have given me is tremendous!

Best regards to you!

Sophia P., New Zealand (Bella Coola Helisports – Canada)

Dear Claudie, we want to thank you. Roman had a great vacation and would like to do it again. It was great and we thank you for the organization.

Said K., Russia (Heliski – Kamchatka)