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Do you want to list and sell travel packages over the platform?

LUEX invites all professional operators and agencies to list and sell their travel packages which they have proprietary rights for. LUEX offers a platform that enables you to reach a large target group and to increase your sales potential and exposure in a very efficient way. We provide full marketing services, handle your bookings and offer insurance- and payment services. Basically all you need to do is to provide us with up-to-date product information and accept our GT&C. Once you have done so, we will arrange your product listing and you’ll be able to take advantage of our first class technology to maximize your sales.

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  1. As LUEX wants to maintain a high quality standard we will keep the right to refuse the listing of certain packages if the packages do not fulfill our quality criteria.
  2. We may not list certain packages at certain points in time without further explanation. This may because of limited capacity at LUEX in assisting sellers in integrating their packages or any other reasons.