M/V Naera


Make the beautiful M/V Naera your home on the Maldivian waters. Sleep like a baby on this twin hull boat and access all atolls well rested.


There are 4 rooms in each hull below the deck, and 2 rooms on the main deck. There are a total of 10 rooms on board, each with its own toilet with hot and cold water.

The rooms are all air - conditioned, with the possibility of regulating incoming cool air. All the rooms are with a queen-size bed for couples, while some rooms have a single bunk above the double bed, for a third person or a child. The rooms all have three - channels of stereo music to select from and a reading light which also acts as an emergency light in the event of electricity failure.

The rooms all have electric personal safes and the guests can have their own combinations to The telephone in the room will become handy to communicate with other rooms or areas of the boat and to make local or international calls either via satellite phone or via local cellular network. The entrance light for the room can also be switched on before entering the room and the same light could be switched off from inside, while in bed, last before going to sleep.

Each room on The M/V Naera has two portholes, which can be spared as emergency ventilation hatches. However, these portholes are normally closed, airtight, to eliminate unwanted atmospheric conditions. Room toilets come with modern fittings and hot and cold water. A unique mechanical flush system for the WC enables a clean flush at the same time saving valuable water. The toilet switch also activates an exhaust fan for gas produced in the toilet.


Disco Lounge

This totally separated and fully air conditioned room is perhaps the most interesting part of the Main Deck. It also has three-channel selectable stereo music on its PA system.

In addition to this, The M/V Naera has its own multi-channel theater sound audio system in connection with large screen TV projection. The superb BOSE sound system is quite separate from the PA sound system and can be activated separately for listening to quality music in private. During the night or when the mood is right, this salon can be transformed into a discotheque with suitable disco lights and matching disco music. The wooden dance floor is well worth trying out for dancing!

PP/Night from US$ 140