Kashmir Heliski

India: Kashmir

Experience skiers’ and snowboarders’ paradise on earth, high in the Himalayas of Kashmir!


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time for heli-skiing?

The Heli-Ski season in Gulmarg starts on the 10th of January and continues til the 15th of March. Towards the end of January till the end of February it gets extremly cold which provides the unique dry curry powder you´d been looking for. Also the two weeks before and after usually give us some good powder, it´s just not as cold anymore.


Do I need powder skis?

To enjoy the world´s best powder; the answer is a clear YES! But no worries, we have a very well equipped SKI SHOP with profressional powder skis. If you book a package with us all the gear is included in the price already. Especially for heli-skiing you´ll need proper powder skis. The whole team of Kashmir Heliski uses powder equipment. Powder gear gives you the opportunity to ski through a wide range of snow conditions, faster, easier and with more stability.



Snowboards have a wide base which allows them to perform very well in off piste conditions and deep powder snow. We recommend you to use the snowboard that you normally use at the ski area. We do have an assortment of snowboards but not unlimited and recommend you to bring your own. If you don´t wanna bring your own, let us know which board and size you´re looking for and we´ll check if we can meet your request.


Can I hire the gear?

When you book your package with Kashmir Heliski the gear is provided. This includes skis / snowboards and the avalanche gear, but NO ABS backpack. Check out our SKI SHOP if you simply want to rent out some gear.


Do I get the avalanche equipment?

You´ll get all safety relevant gear from us. This does not include an ABS-Backpack, you can rent it from us for 5 US $ a day. We will check your knowledge and skills in handling the gear. Of course you will receive a briefing by us on how to handle the gear. Our Guides will carry all other relevant safety equipment.


How well do I have to ski to go heli-skiing?

Commonly one thinks you´d need to be an ski bum to be able to heli-ski. WHICH IS WRONG! Especially with our terrain we´re are very flexible concerning your skiing abilities. We can offer you runs for skiers with intermediate abilities to very serious runs. Basically you should be able to go on a blue piste at your home place. You also should be physically fit.


What does a heli-ski day with Kashmir Heliski look like?

We ask you to be at the heli-base by 8.30 am. All the hotels are within walking distance to the helipad. It´ll take you a maximum of 10 minutes to get there. You´ll get a full briefing including avalanche and helicopter safety. By 9.00 am we are ready to take off for your first run and your heli-ski day will start. Your lunch is provided at the helicopter base after several runs in the morning. In the afternoon we continue flying with you thru the scenic Pir Panjal Range as you´ve booked it with your package. Of course we´re flexible if you wanna upgrade and do more runs or days. Your heli day finishes around 4.30 / 5 pm in the afternoon.


Do I have to jump out of the helicopter?

No, although you might would find it exciting. Our pilots and heli-guides always make sure that the heli has a safe place to land. During your briefing in the morning you´ll learn how to enter and exit the helicopter safely. Your guide will then load and unload all the gear for you.


How long are the runs?

Run length varies depending on the terrain however the average is approximately 1.000 – 2.000 vertical meters. Some powder bowls are much longer. Talk to us about the type of terrain you’d like to ski.


Do you provide accommodation transfers?

Gulmarg is a very small place. You can easily walk from all the hotels to our helipad. The helipad is located in the middle of Gulmarg.


What about the weather?

The weather in the Himalayas can be unpredictable. Every morning Billa and his safety guides check the snow conditions and talk to the avalanche control office. After making their own opinion about the present conditions they decide whether we can operate today or not. If we have as so called NON-FLYING-DAY and the weather doesn´t apply for heli-skiing you will get a refund of course. Refunds are not given due to injury, lack of ability or fitness.

PP/Night from US$ 450