Kashmir Heliski

India: Kashmir

Experience skiers’ and snowboarders’ paradise on earth, high in the Himalayas of Kashmir!


Skiing in the Himalayas of Kashmir with a variety of an exceptional terrain for all kind of abilities. The ski terrain of Gulmarg, India is simply amazing; few kilometers long open alpine bowls for intermediate skiers and snowboarders; up to 5.000 meters altitude untracked and undiscovered peaks for intermediate and extreme skiers. The Himalayas are known for remarkable deep and dry “curry”-powder snow. The snow quality here is absolutely unique due to the high altitude plus the very southern exposure of the continent on around 35° degrees latitude. The high quality “curry-powder snow with perfectly spaced pine trees, open alpine bowls and virgin and undiscovered peaks makes the experience the best in world. You will find tree line skiing as a complete adrenalin rush as well as moderate skiing through some villages.

Kashmir Heliski offers you an exclusive terrain of 20.000 km² in the mighty Himalayas. We are the only heliski company in Kashmir which is owned and run by the local Kashmiri Billa Bakshi. The Jammu & Kashmir Government has given us an exclusive permission for the entire Pir Panjal Range of Himalayas. The number of our runs is going towards infinity so you can be sure that you won’t do the same run again on your next heli lift.



From early January till around mid of March you’ll get the amazing dry powder snow. During that time, we will have very cold nights with temperatures down below – 25° C and weekly intense snowstorms. This combination plus the degree of latitude on 35° in the northern hemisphere leads to clear blue sky and the unique powder snow. The season here in Gulmarg generally starts in January and lasts till the end of March. The clouds responsible for the snow storms come in from the Arabian Sea and hit the Pir Panjal Range of our Himalayas from the southern direction, where Gulmarg ski resort is located. No worries on bad weather days; from Gulmarg (elevation of 2.600 meters) you can ski down to villages like barba reshi which is settled on 2.000 meters. Therefore skiing is possible every day no matter what the weather conditions are like plus you’ll get a very unique village experience in the Himalyas.

PP/Night from US$ 450