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Indonesia: Bali

Different options to suite every taste and budget. 5 surf breaks for all levels within a 2-10 minute walk. All surf services available.

Low Pressure’s Stormrider Surf Guide says

Bali is “The island of 1000 temples” which the locals believe is blessed by the gods. The gods certainly have blessed the local surfers, because they live in a perfect tropical surf paradise. Although 30 years of tourism has drastically transformed the landscape and the line-ups, Bali remains an essential surfing experience. There is no denying the quality and quantity of its surf, particularly if you include the legendary long lefts of Grajagan, a short boat ride away on the eastern tip of Java. SW swells wrapping consistent lines around the Bukit Peninsula into straight offshore winds create a list of world class lefts, including Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Bingin and Kuta Reef. Add to these the quality beachbreaks of Kuta and Legian, plus the east side rights of Nusa Dua, Sanur and Shipwrecks on Nusa Lembongan, then it becomes obvious that Bali is a feast for travelling surfers.

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Are the Bali waves ok for beginners?

The endless surf spots on Bali have the right wave for all levels. Kuta’s mile-long beach and some very soft reef breaks are ideal for beginners. If the swell is too big at the beach our surf guides always know the one or other spot with nice little breaks for our beginners. In The Bukit Surf Lodge (when booking the beginner package offered there) and in Padang Padang you should prepare yourself for longer driving times if you want to surf at beginner friendly spots.


What’s the weather like on Bali?

April to November is the dry season on Bali, with an air temperature of approx. 30°C and 2-3 days’ rain a month.
November to April is the humid season on Bali. That means it rains more often than in the previous months, but mostly in the morning or evening, at sunrise or sunset. In between the sun always shines and everything’s budding and blooming. The rain seldom lasts longer than half an hour, but then it does pour down.

It can rain at daytime sometimes, as the weather anywhere is always a bit of gamble. Sometimes it won’t rain the whole week long and then a few days in a row...who knows?


What’s the temperature like on Bali?

All year round the temperature is always around 30°C. At night during the European summer months it can cool down to as little as 24°C :-)


What’s the water temperature on Bali?

The water temperature on Bali is between 26°C (July/August) and 30°C (December/January).
Leave your wetsuit at home :-)