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Spain: Cantabria - East

Great vibes, BBQ's, concerts, parties and lots of surf! Your perfect surfing vacation just steps from the beach.

LowPressure's Stormrider Surf Guide says

The coastal geology of Cantabria is slightly less abrupt than that of the Basque coast, so it has a multitude of good beachbreaks but a smaller number of good reefs. Therefore, big winter swells are not appreciated here quite as much and the best spots are those that work on small to medium swells. Cantabria also has a number of areas where one can find smaller, cleaner waves in huge storms or strong W to NW winds. There are one or two big-wave spots like the excellent righthander of Santa Marina. The number of surfers per kilometre of coastline is much smaller than in the Basque Country. Unfortunately, however, locals tend to be more aggressive, particularly at a few places such as El Brusco. Surfboards are mainly shortboards, although a medium gun might be required a few days of the year. Star-rated spots include Liencres, a series of excellent and consistent beachbreaks, El Brusco, a hollow beachbreak and Santa Marina, which can be ridden up to around 15' (5m). Summer is a good time of year in Cantabria, with open west-facing coasts west of Santander working well on small swells.

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Condition descriptions provided by the Operator

Somo is one of Spain’s most reliable and popular surf spots and lies in the mountainous province of Cantabria whose capital is the coastal city of Santander. It is barely 20 minutes by ferry from Somo to the city centre. Somo and the surrounding beaches come in all sizes to satisfy all tastes.
Amongst its most famous waves is the “santa marina" situated by the island of the same name, which is a large high quality wave with various sections and is made very regular when there are large swells thanks to its rocky seabed. As Somo is one of the most important surfing Mecca in Spain and Europe it has an excellent surf atmosphere day and night, with the many surf bars and clubs providing entertainment into the early hours.

The long beach we offer the best conditions for the practice of Stand up paddle.

The river of cubas, bay, islands, cliffs, what else can you ask, the options are many and all in the same area.

River of Cubas
If you’ve never practiced organized a weekly output to the River of Cubas, is an activity that requires no experience.Taking advantage of the tide is out from the top of the estuary, would fall to the bridge pedreña, through spectacular scenery.