Lofoten Ski Lodge


Luxury meets rustic Norwegian-style in the Lofoten Ski Lodge where you’re far from the crowds and close to nature!

Northern Alpine Guides Mission Statement


Quality and Professionalism is the approach we bring to the planning, organization, and execution of every trip run by Northern Alpine Guides; whether its an Alaska Range expedition, climbing big ice in Norway, skiing in the Lofoten Islands, climbing a technical high altitude peak, or trekking lost valleys of the Nepal Himalaya. We never marginalize the resources needed to provide you with the first-class experience we promise you when you book with us. Business ethics driven by Quality and Professionalism is the best way we know of repaying the trust you place in us. We strive to make your entire Northern Alpine Guides trip a safe, enjoyable, and successful experience without rushing you to the summit and back. All of our trips are customized and tailored to your dreams, objectives, and skill level. We listen to you first and then develop a personalized trip for you. Our company is dependent on you and your experience in the mountains.

PP/Night from US$ 195