Skiing in Southern Hemisphere: Real winter powder in Argentina!


    Looking for a ski trip of a lifetime? A journey to Argentina during Northern Hemisphere summer is a safe bet to make it real. Iconic mountains, lots of snow and interesting culture add up to a recipe for a perfect ski trip.


    There are a a bunch of extremely beautiful places for skiers to explore. Ski resort Cerro Catedral is a popular choice with terrain for every level, including great backcountry with moss-covered trees and high alpine. You have amazing vistas over the different valleys filled by huge Nahuel Huapi Lake from up here. The big and vibrant lake-side ski town of Bariloche is a good place to stay. There are many bars, restaurants and chocolate shops. Las Lenas is another hot choice. All skiing takes place above tree line. It offers some of the most challenging terrain in all South America. You name it, it is mainly about big lines and narrow chutes. Furthermore, there are a bunch of smallish, rather unknown ski resorts with epic terrain and a more mellow and relaxed vibe. I personally love our guided „powder road trips“: Even if you come alone or only have 1 week of time, you will explore several resorts, some secret spots and the real Argentina on these trips.


    The South American Experience

    To understand the laid-back latino-american feel of Argentina, you might first want to get your expectations right. It is far from perfect: Down here, the only thing you can expect is the unexpected, things never occur on exact time. Surprisingly, many travellers experience exactly this non-perfection as a beneficial break from 1st world’s rhythm & rush.

    Part of the culture is the great nightlife and the good food. Argentina has some of the best meat of the planet. Sirloin, t-bone, tenderloin, rump steak, ribeye, flank steak … they have all the prime beef cuts. You need to try it prepared as „Asado“, the argentinian version of BBQ. Ideally with a glass of locally produced red wine. Gourmet! Along with super good value for money.

    Claudie is LUEX's resident snow expert, and is a walking, talking encyclopeadia on all places cold and snowy. In her free time she loves nothing more than skiing, and can often be found on the skin track seeking out the next secret pow stash.