Last week, LUEX family members and friends scored big time! Surf heaven on earth was pumping, the boys timed it perfectly. And the best thing – thanks to our brilliant media team and their brand new drone – they got it all on tape!

Most probably there were hundreds of surfers out there, ripping and racing along perfect walls somewhere around those 150 world class surf spots in Indonesia. But last week’s swell, tide and spot were in favour of LUEX – empty lineup, glassy and beautiful. What else could we wish for?

Boards were broken and reef was kissed, yet the stoke stays high. Being surrounded by beautiful scenery, perfect waves and heartfelt people, there is no other way than to smile and embrace.


There is a huge variety of choice on offer on Indonesia’s coast and everyone is invited to the party. No matter what your weapon of choice – longboard, shortboard, SUP board or bodyboard – there is a wave to suit. Come on a trip with us and we’ll guide you to surf heaven’s open gates 😉