We’re excited to support our friends at AirDog who are just releasing the second generation of their first ever auto-follow drone. With this release they significantly improved the drone based on user feedback they’ve been receiving. This means the AirDog ADII is now capable of capturing much higher quality footage, stay up in the air for much longer and enable their user focusing even better on what the love instead of operating a drone.

Since 2015 the race is on for building the best “follow-me” drone. The technology was finally ready to be the leading feature that every manufacturer wanted to master. While most of the competition is fighting all kinds of errors, the team behind AirDog is well and back in the game with a much improved new drone.

Check out the videos below for some actual footage of the all new ADII.

To give back to the community what was instrumental for the company, AirDog has launched it’s latest release AirDog ADII on Kickstarter. A few units are still left at a discount of $400 and August delivery. More than that, if you use the link below and get one for yourself you will also receive a free spare battery on top ($150 retail value). There are only 10 days left in the campaign so don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Order your AirDog ADII here and save $400 + receive a free spare battery

The new AirDog ADII combines advanced, intelligent, tracking technology, with durable design, and the most cutting-edge autonomous, all-terrain, flight performance on the market. It is the best drone focusing mainly on action sports with hands-free video capture from the ground up. The ADII eliminates the need for manned operation giving the user complete active freedom with perfect content capture.

The new AirDog ADII comes in fresh colors and familiar design.
The new AirDog ADII comes in fresh colors and familiar design.

While we have been using a range of drones at LUEX for production ourselfs, it’s probably fair to say that every model has its unique purpose. The ADII doesn’t want to be a tool for people who are producing professional videos but is spot on for anyone doing solo sports tracking while trying to actually concentrate on the fun part rather than on operating a drone.

If you primarily want a sports drone, the ADII is where it’s at” – Quote DC Rainmaker

Gyroscope magnetometer, barometric air-pressure sensor, accelerometer, lidar sensor and GPS are the sensors that will always keep the ADII close to its target (which is you). A newly introduced three-axis gimbal in combination with the latest GoPro version will ensure even better selfie videos. Plan flight paths ahead with 3D Lines and scenic modes and don’t worry about obstacles as you shred your way down a mountain or through some barrels – everything controlled by the airleash (which is basically a large watch).

To give you an overview of what has been changed in the Airdog ADII as compared to the first release we have put together a list of eight core areas where Airdog has specifically focused on improving :

  1. Revolutionary, industry first, customizable flight paths allow the user to set and save a 3d follow line with alternating altitudes that provide precise obstacle avoidance.
  2. Five preset scenic capture modes allow you to document the world around you. Flight and camera movements are synchronized to provide a unique and perfectly timed perspective.
  3. The advanced camera stabilisation system brings ultra smooth, pro-grade video capture with every shot, every time, regardless of the subjects change in direction, elevation, or speed.
  4. Mobile Airleash functionality allows you to capture sessions that last longer than one battery life. All you need is someone who can swap batteries and make the drone fly back out to continue capturing what you do by using our mobile app. 
  5.  The ADII integration with GoPro5 camera ensures automatic start and stop of recording as well as charging the GoPro battery.
  6. The battery has a redesigned housing and a more advanced power management system providing high safety and longer flight times.
  7. We have completely redesigned the entire electronics and software, guaranteeing an easy out of box flight experience that gets you airborne in a couple of minutes.
  8. The durable, lightweight, waterproof Airleash tracking device allows for easy, mid-action control. The all new, backlit LCD interface allows the user to read the display even in the harshest sunlight.