Niyama Private Islands are located on the remote Dhaalu Atoll – an untapped gem surrounded by quality waves. Despite the dreamy setup the remoteness keeps crowds (including charter boats) at bay even in high season. There used to be no nearby airport in the past, the anchorage is challenging and the lack of guest houses in the area are factors that contribute to the empty lineup. Take advantage of the recently installed surf services and not only enjoy the unreal settings and perfect waves but the new surf school, boat transfers to other waves in the area and many extras that create the perfect luxury surf experience.

Owen right gets barreled at Niyama
Owen Wright gets barreled at Niyama’s Vodi surf spot. Photo: Richard Kotch

New Surf Services at Niyama

Zach Zocher, Head of Surf Operations at Niyama Private Islands, is responsible for some significant improvements connected to surfing around the islands. He makes sure you will have the time of your life in and on the waters of Dhaalu Atoll. Zach just spent his first season at the resort, pleased Matt Wilkinson and Owen Wright with his surf services and told LUEX all about his impressions and experiences as Head of Surf at Niyama.

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LUEX CEO Tim Heising visited the resort recently and filmed Zach and his guests out at Kasabu surf spot on an average week during June. Find his edit below featuring frothing surfers and user friendly waves for mixed abilities.

Interview with Zach Zocher, Head of Surf Operations

LUEX: How’s it going Zach? So this is your first season at Niyama, what are your thoughts on this area of the Maldives and the resort?
Zach: Dude all good, all good. Surfing perfect waves in paradise so really can’t complain. The central Atolls of the Maldives are sick. Unlike our friends up north, we generally surf uncrowded waves most days of the week unless we’re sharing with the local boys of course. I did a trip up North recently and it’s a different story there, couldn’t wait to get back to Niyama. We have such a variety of waves down here, anything from grinding lefts to super mellow long rights, with no one out. Most importantly, at the resort its not hard for the boys (and girls) to get some free time away from their wives/girlfriends/families etc as we have a wave right on the island and the recreational facilities (spa, kids club, restaurants) at Niyama are next level.

Zach after a surf session at Niyama
Zach stoked after a fun session with his guests.

LUEX: How are the you and the guest finding the surf? Is it really as uncrowded as it looks?
Zach: As I said before, it NEVER gets crowded. The most charter boats I’ve seen here at any one time would be one, maybe two. I mean Vodi is technically exclusive to our guests at Niyama anyway so the other boats aren’t allowed to surf it. Just this week we had perfect, glassy 4-6 barreling lefts and I was the only one out… Crazy! Sometimes I actually wish there were more people around to froth out with. So to answer your question, no we don’t get crowds… The most surfers I’ve ever seen here at any one time would be 8-10. But with the nature of a resort like Niyama, we attract a very special kind of surfer so the vibe in the lineup is always super chill.

Matt Wilkinson and Owen Right at Niyama
Photos: Richard Kotch


LUEX: What’s been your highlight of the season so far?
Zach: Having Wilko and Owen here was awesome. Its one thing to watch them on the webcast but to actually surf with them and to see how hard they rip in-person was very special. They are such chilled, down to earth guys. Other than that, being able to surf everyday is a dream…. So I’m kinda just living that right now, with no hurry to leave!

Matt Wilkinson before paddling out
Matt Wilkinson is going for a solo surf. Photo: Richard Kotch




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