Claudie is LUEX's resident snow expert, and is a walking, talking encyclopeadia on all places cold and snowy. In her free time she loves nothing more than skiing, and can often be found on the skin track seeking out the next secret pow stash.

LUEX's Claudie Linke returns from skiing summit to sea blower powder with Lyngen Lodge in Norway's spectacular Lyngen Alps.

As early season snow kickstarts the South American winter, the increasing likelihood of a strong El Niño episode suggests a bumper snow season in the Andes! Check out how the resorts are shaping up with the new snow.

South America: steak, wine, and... Snow? Use this guide to plan your endless winter - go heliskiing in Argentina or hut-to-hut touring in Chile and beat those summer blues

The definitive list of freeride camps in Europe this season! We have camps to suit everyone, from coaching based trips for first time freeriders to pure steep and deep adventures for experts; come see for yourself!

A helictopter is the ultimate golden ticket to deep powder and epic terrain, but where to go? Canada, or Alaska? Here are the top 10 factors to help you decide:

New ski and snowboard trips in Canada open up a whole new world of freeriding opportunities. Explore British Columbia and taste the best powder!

Looking for a ski trip of a lifetime? A journey to Argentina during Northern Hemisphere summer is a safe bet to make it real.

Want to take the most out of your snow trip to Canada next season? Find the right group of people, think about what you really need and book early!

Skiing in Chamonix from March to May is a solid option for late winter fun. The reasons? Simple! High elevation, long ski season, no crowds and many sunny days.


crowded lineup

You probably already know that there are important rules in the lineup.  But, in case you are fuzzy on surf etiquette because your surf...