Tim is the LUEX CEO, and a ripping skier and surfer to boot. When not shredding his 'home mountain' Silvretta-Montafon, you can find him chasing waves from the Maldives to South Africa.
Waterplane tow-surfing

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Chasing waves with the Coffeys The Coffeys are undisputedly one of surfing’s leading power families, forces to be reckoned with both in the surf and...
Ellie-Jean Coffey Surfing in front of Niyama Luxury Resort in the Maldives

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The Maldives are jam-packed with world class waves, but you have to know how, when and where to find them. LUEX has been exploring...

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An update from LUEX CEO Tim Heising and Head of Surf Phil Spanninks: after a very successful meeting with our partners and operators in the Maldives, we're proud to announce that LUEX has by far the biggest and most complete selection of surf trips to the Maldives of any agency in the world!

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An interview with surf legend Tom Curren aboard the luxurious Gurahali in the Maldives with LUEX. Tom tells us about the finless movement, surfing ocean waves on skimboards, music, and balancing family life with a surfing career.

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Video from an awesome day heliboarding in Verbier with snowboard legend Xavier de Le Rue and Joachim Arnould, winner of the LUEX winter competition - congratulations!

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Xavier de Le Rue is an artist with a snowboard: a Picasso without a paintbrush, whose medium is mountains. We caught up him after an epic day heli-boarding to learn more about his exciting upcoming projects - ever thought about 'para-motor' powered snowboarding in AK?!


Surfing in the Maldives on board a surf charter.

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The Maldives truly is a Mecca for surfers. Its popularity has grown over the years, in line with the endless amount of information available...