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Escape the snowless Northern Hemisphere summer for the wintery delights of the South America ski/snowboard season. This is an overview of all our ski and snowboard trips to Chile and Argentina over the 2016 Southern Hemisphere winter.

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Update 25/02/16: The Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau is GO! With huge swell and regular closeout sets, big wave surfing's most prestigious comp is streaming live from Waimea Bay NOW!

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Following the widely reported case of an Indonesian police officer firing a gun over the head of an Australian tourist on a surf charter in Indonesia, the internet has been rife with speculation. Just what is going on?

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Latest snow conditions report from New Zealand: dry, untracked powder, clear skies, and great terrain. Last weekend's storm brought wind but also lots of snow to Treble Cone, leading to perfect conditions in the backcountry right now.

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The ski media is currently hyped up about the storms hitting South America (with good reason!), but what's going on in the rest of the Southern Hemisphere? Our friend Oli Weigl reports back from New Zealand, where he's filming with Coreshot Productions.

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As early season snow kickstarts the South American winter, the increasing likelihood of a strong El Niño episode suggests a bumper snow season in the Andes! Check out how the resorts are shaping up with the new snow.

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Will this be the last season you can surf in the Mentawais Islands before the new Surfer Tax comes into force?! LUEX investigates...

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The most comprehensive list of airlines and their surf baggage policies found anywhere online - use it to plan your next surf trip and avoid heavy excess baggage fees when flying with your board.

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The winners of a 1 week surf package at Lapoint Surf Camp Ericeira are: - Tim R. from Holland - Harald B. from Austria Congratulations! LIKE our Facebook page...

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Have you seen 'Afterglow'? Get ready for more incredible POV footage and a unique visual experience.


Surfing in the Maldives on board a surf charter.

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The Maldives truly is a Mecca for surfers. Its popularity has grown over the years, in line with the endless amount of information available...