Photo by Ski Arpa / Adam Clark

A trip to the Southern Hemisphere is nothing short of a special experience, especially for Northern Hemisphere based skiers. Leave summer behind for a...
Heliskiing, and snowboarding in New Zealand

Have you heard of the saying "It’s always snowing somewhere?" Well, it’s true. As the earth tilts on its axis and spring turns to...

It's a big world out there, and there's so much to see and ski beyond the normal resorts in the Alps and North America! This article explores some of the weirdest and most wonderful cat skiing destinations around the world.

Heliskiing and snowboarding is the dream for any true powder hound - but if you want a real adventure you have to look beyond the traditional destinations of Canada and Alaska. These are the most unique and exotic heliski trips in the world. Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Russia, Patagonia, Turkey... Adventure guaranteed.

As early season snow kickstarts the South American winter, the increasing likelihood of a strong El Niño episode suggests a bumper snow season in the Andes! Check out how the resorts are shaping up with the new snow.

South America: steak, wine, and... Snow? Use this guide to plan your endless winter - go heliskiing in Argentina or hut-to-hut touring in Chile and beat those summer blues

The idea of an endless winter is a dream for many skiers and snowboarders, but a reality for only a lucky few. Stilbezirk made the pilgrimage south to Chile this summer, revelling in the expansive ski terrain of the Andes while we endured the summer sweats back in Europe. Here's their story!


crowded lineup

You probably already know that there are important rules in the lineup.  But, in case you are fuzzy on surf etiquette because your surf...