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Cruise through turquoise waters, sip cocktails and source the best surf spots around the Maldives from the comfort of your own luxury yacht.

Maldives General Information
Maldives or the Republic of Maldives is a tropical island nation in the heart of Indian Ocean, with more than 1,190 small, coral islands stretching over approximately 2000 kilometers. Maldives is the smallest country in South Asia and 10th smallest in the world. It also tops the list of lowest countries in the world with the average ground level of only 2.4 meters.
Maldives, though small in every way, is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with a rich heritage and a unique language. It is considered as a developing country, but is among counties with the highest literacy rate. About 300,000 people live in Maldives, of which, one third live in the capital city-Male’. Maldivians are simple, down-to-earth and hospitable.
For centuries fishing had been the main source of income until the tourism industry dominated it in the recent years. Despite the booming tourism industry, wide exposure to the outside world, lack of natural resources and foreign threats, the religious and national unity of Maldivians have remained firm.