Mondo Surf & Lifestyle Village

Indonesia: Bali

Enter this retreat haven nestled between the luscious green rice fields of Canggu and indulge in supreme comfort to get you feeling blissfully Balinese.

Rates & Packages

Rates 2017 / 2018

Surf and Sun Package
Room Agung (shared 4 ppl) 496 EUR
Room Kelimutu (shared 3 ppl) 512 EUR
Room Batur (shared 2 ppl) 528 EUR
Room Ijen 569 EUR
Room Tambora 579 EUR
Room Bromo 579 EUR
Room Merapi 579 EUR
Room Krakatoa 579 EUR
Semeru Bungalow 609 EUR
Rinjani Bungalow 639 EUR
Fight Package
Room Agung (shared 4 ppl) 559 EUR
Room Kelimutu (shared 3 ppl) 579 EUR
Room Batur (shared 2 ppl) 591 EUR
Room Ijen 639 EUR
Room Tambora 659 EUR
Room Bromo 659 EUR
Room Merapi 659 EUR
Room Krakatoa 659 EUR
Semeru Bungalow 679 EUR
Rinjani Bungalow 709 EUR
Photography Package and Lifestyle Package
Room Agung (shared 4 ppl) 549 EUR
Room Kelimutu (shared 3 ppl) 567 EUR
Room Batur (shared 2 ppl) 579 EUR
Room Ijen 624 EUR
Room Tambora 629 EUR
Room Bromo 629 EUR
Room Merapi 629 EUR
Room Krakatoa 629 EUR
Semeru Bungalow 659 EUR
Rinjani Bungalow 659 EUR

Please note:

  • Single occupancy of a double room or bungalow is optional. A surcharge of 35% of the package price will be issued

What is included / What not

Surf n’ Sun Package

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 7 healthy breakfast
  • Surf lessons everyday for all levels - Surf Safari
  • 2 yoga classes / day

Lifestyle Package

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 7 healthy breakfasts
  • 1 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu sessions
  • 1 Muay Thai session
  • 2 surf lesson
  • 1 photography session
  • 2 yoga classes/ day

Surfight Package

  • 7 Nights Accommodation
  • 7 healthy breakfasts
  • 2 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu sessions
  • 2 Muay Thai sessions
  • 2 Surf Lessons
  • 2 Yoga classes / day
  • 1 sports massage at Mondo Village

Surf and Photography Package

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 7 healthy breakfasts
  • 3 photography classes
  • 3 surf lessons for all levels
  • 2 yoga classes /day
  • 1 massage at Mondo Village

Extended Description

The surf programs at Mondo Village are unique as they focus on lifestyle so Yoga every morning is offered as well as healthy options for breakfast and in our restaurant menu. Massages in our bale bengong, tours around Bali's best hidden spots like waterfalls, lakes and rice fields are all possible complements to your trip. The surf programs are also suitable for not only groups of friends sharing bungalow style room and looking into exploring the bustling cafes and bars of Canggu after their long day  of surf, but also suitable for couples and young families with our oversize rooms.

Surf n’ Sun Package - Beginner and intermediate surfing classes

Ideal for those of you with little to no surfing experience.  Our surf coaches will select wave locations appropriate for the individual or group according to experience. We will work with intermediate level surfers on correcting details and postures so you can move to the big leagues! Our goal is for each student to progress to the next surfing level. 

Lifestyle Package - Revel the week in a variety of activities, kick boredom 

This is THE lifestyle!  A perfect combination of activities inclusive of surfing, yoga, martial arts and photography in one package.  Enjoy nature while developing various skills for a balanced life. We encourage you to take your pleasures SERIOUSLY!

Surfight Package - Cultivate your self-defense skills

Perfect for all level students, this package provides private coaching to develop your martial arts skills.  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the most effective self-defense martial arts while Muay Thai is among the most lethal in striking. Develop your grappling and stand up skills as well as scoring an awesome work out session!

Surf and Photography Package - Want to develop your photography 

This package is great for photography lovers that want to learn beneficial techniques and methods for taking dynamic shots! Gain knowledge from our professional photographers who will instruct various approaches for differing environments. Classes will take frequent field trips to various fascinating locations and time of day around Bali such as rice fields, local markets, beaches, surf and sunsets.  Students will develop new photography skills in diversified locations and times of day