Moroccan Surf Adventures Explorer Tour


Unique adventures, unlimited surf and empty 1001 waves on this all inclusive Moroccan road trip.

Rates & Packages

Rates & Dates 2018 / 2019

Explorer Package - One week road trip
Road trip with own equipment700 GBP
Road trip with provided equipment750 GBP
Extended Explorer package
Extended Explorer package with own equipment999 GBP
Extended Explorer package with provided equipment1100 GBP

Please note:

  • Extended Explorer package consists of 1 week road trip with 1 week surf-camp (surf guiding or surf lesson )

What is included / What not

Package includes

  • Return airport transfers
  • Accommodation in Riads, Guesthouses and if waves, swell and location requires: tents
  • Full board on the road in local restaurants or self-made meals by your MSA staff
    • Surfer’s Breakfast (e.g eggs, cereal, delicious Moroccan bread, tea, coffee, juice etc).
    • Lunch (e.g. fresh filled baguettes, rice/pasta salad, crisps, small juice).
    • Evening meals
  • Transport from the Moroccan Surf Adventures base to to the best surf and uncrowded spots along the Moroccan coast with your MSA guides

Please note: Accommodation and Food will always be taken care of, delicious and healthy. But as a wave explorer you are aware that tides, waves, swell, winds and weather will decide the exact when and where.

Extended Description

Are you an experienced surfer looking for a bit of adventure and the thrill of discovering great waves off the beaten track? Imagine travelling through beautiful desert landscapes with friends and meeting new and interesting characters on the way to the next uncrowded peak... Imagine no longer. Our new Explorer Tour is all about getting away from the crowds and taking a journey to discover new waves. Are you ready for it?

Once you leave the city of Agadir the mission to find you uncrowded waves begins...

The Explorer tours are flexible to suit the prevailing conditions. There is no strict daily itinerary - experienced surfers know that waves are unpredictable and you need to be flexible to find the best waves at any given time. The Moroccan shores boast hundreds of miles of empty, uncharted coastline waiting to be discovered...

That said, armed with a couple of formidable, go-anywhere 4x4 trucks, you can rest assured of searching out the best spots and the best waves; staying in a series of tried and tested traditional Moroccan Riads; dining in authentic local restaurants along the way and meeting some of the vibrant local characters MSA have befriended over the years.

So, if you ever wanted to boldly surf where no man (or woman) has surfed before; if you ever imagined travelling through beautiful desert landscapes and meeting people from one of the world’s oldest civilisations in search of the next uncrowded peak...


Who is it aimed at?

The Explorer surf package is aimed squarely at experienced, competent surfers who are used to riding in all conditions and who want to push their surfing boundaries.

PP/Night from US$ 109