Morocco Surf Holidays

Morocco: Taghazout

Choice of locations possible with this Morocco based operator with options of self-catering or meal packages and surf guiding also possible.


Morocco Surf Holiday offers the opportunity to experience a holiday in Morocco All year round for everyone.
Our unique concept with the idea of a bespoke surfing holiday is that you find the perfect surfing conditions on offer by Morocco, thus ensuring you have an unforgettable time. The diversity of Morocco's coast, with its variety of beaches, point breaks and reefs and their constant swell throughout the winter offer beginners, advanced and even professionals 100% surfing pleasure.
You can come alone, in pairs, in groups or as a family with small children or kids who have already caught the surf fever. Here at Morocco surf holiday we are always anxious to meet all your needs in particular, we wish to raise families or couples with unequal surfing experience, as we understand everyone is different .We want everyone, whether you come as a family, couple, group or individually, to provide the opportunity to get into surfing at your own pace. This means sometimes to surf in different groups and at different spots, and yet share common experiences on trips, etc. and get to know and love Morocco. Wether you want to surf , or simply chillout in a relaxing country getting to know new people and escape the winter Morocco Surf Holidays Is the perfect Place to stay.


Taghazout is located about 20km north of Agadir and has been a place for surfing over 30 years. The small fishing village has lots of small cafes, restaurants, shops, surf shops and Internet cafes, all of which blend in without losing its original charm.

Anchor Point is one of Taghazout most famous and above all the best surf spot in the region. Here you live in beautiful apartments in one of the few houses that are here right on the spot. You can enjoy from your balcony or terrace unparalleled views of the world famous wave.

Tamraght is located about 4km south of Taghazout. Tamraght is a quieter place to stay, although that is also based here for several years, surf camps, so that tourists and locals mingle in the streets. Here you live in a beautiful inn, where you can enjoy their full accommodation.

Banana Village owes its name to the many banana plantations and is located next Tamraght. The small town is very busy. There are many small shops, post office, bank, several restaurants and a weekly traditional weekly market. Here you live in a small hotel with half board.

Agadir has a lot to offer. Souks (markets), a long sandy beach with a beach promenade, many restaurants and cafes, shops of all kinds and a nightlife lives with clubs and bars for every taste here, depending on their request in hotels in different price ranges with half or full board.

PP/Night from US$ 53