New Zealand Surfing Adventures

New Zealand

Organized custom road trips according to conditions and the ability level of guests with both the North and South Island possible.

The Operator

Nick ‘spoons’  Towner  - Director and Surf Guide

 After wrapping up his PhD which investigated the sustainable development of surf tourism in the Mentawai Islands, Nick needed a new focus in life so put his energy into setting up a lifestyle business venture.  NZ Surfing Adventures is really a combination of Nick’s passion for surf adventure around the globe and as well as here in NZ and his educational background in surf tourism. Nick has over 15 years experience in surf travel between both the North and South Islands meaning that you will always be scoring pumping uncrowded waves on New Zealand’s vast coastline. Nick’s intimate knowledge of both surf and weather conditions alongside his qualifications in surf instruction make him the perfect person to guide you on your adventure in beautiful New Zealand.


 Mischa Davis – Instructor and surf guide

  Surfing became Mischa’s main passion in life after learning to stand up at the age of 11, since then she has been competing on both the national and international circuits. Mischa has represented New Zealand at five  ISA World Surfing Games and travelled to Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Tahiti, Tonga, Indonesia, and all over Europe. These experiences opened her mind to the world and also made her appreciate how special New Zealand is. Currently Mischas summers are full of  searching for epic waves and competitions while balancing study towards her conjoint degree at the University of Auckland. Mischa’s role as a surf guide and instructor for NZ Surfing Adventures is a dream job allowing  her to take time out of her hectic schedule and go on fun adventures with new and different people from all walks of life.



  • Travel documents and Passport- There are no visa restrictions for foreign citizens entering NZ. If you have a current passport and visa (or don’t require one), you should be fine. 
  • Booking Tickets- New Zealand is a popular year-round destination meaning that at almost any time of year airports can be humming with inbound tourists. If you want to fly at a particularly popular time of year (eg Christmas), book well in advance. 
  • Health- NZ has no vaccination requirements for any traveller. The World Health Organization recommends that all travelers should be covered for diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps,rubella, chickenpox and polio, as well as hepatitis B, regardless of their destination. 
  • Safety- Violent crime is not common in NZ and it’s worst cities are very safe by most international city standards.
  • Travel Insurance- Travel insurance is essential for all travelers.  Without travel insurance considerable costs can  build up and repatriation can be extremely expensive. 
  • Water- Tap water is universally safe in NZ 

What to bring

Without your personal things you should not forget to bring:

  • Fin key, fins
  • Leash
  • Sunblock
  • Surf wax
  • Airline tickets
  • Cash
  • Credit cards
  • Driver’s license 
  • Electricity adaptor
  • Energy snacks
  • Passport
  • Waterproof jacket



In New Zealand be prepared for hot sunny days and mild evenings during the summer months. However in winter cold southerlies can make the temperature plummet so bring extra warm clothing.


A shortboard and step up board (semi-gun) for the bigger days on the points should see you through.


North Island

  • Summer: Boardies and 3×2 short arm 
  • Winter: 4×3 fullsuit plus hood, gloves and booties (just in case) 

South Island

  • Summer: 3×2 fullsuit
  • Winter: 4×3 fullsuit plus hood, gloves and booties 


 New Zealand experiences a temperate climate in the south island and is sub-tropical in the North Island. The nature of the terrain, the
prevailing winds and the length of the country lead to sharp regional contrasts. Temperatures can vary greatly with daytime temperatures
sometimes reaching 30°C and falling to below 0°C in the evenings. In general rainfall and humidity is higher on the west coast of the country
due to the north-south orientation of the mountain ranges and the prevailing westerly winds. Lying in the windy ‘Roaring Forties’, exposed
regions of the country get blustery.


 The Maori culture is an important part in everyday New Zealand life, and there are great opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in the
colourful history and the present day Maori culture. Rugby the national sport is almost a religon, with the famous ‘All Blacks’ generally playing
matches at home during June through to September, mainly in the Tri Nations against South Africa and Australia. If your lucky and all surfed
out, a night at the rugger is something not to be missed…..

Snow And Surf Options

New Zealand has some of the best and most accessible mountain resorts in the world and during the winter months it is easy in such areas as
Taranaki, Kaikoura and Canterbury to surf and snowboard in the same day. Otherwise a full day of snowboarding at Mt Ruapehu in the North
Island or Mt Hutt in the South Island can offer a great alternative if conditions are looking unfavorable.


 “Primo week of great waves and good times. Freaking stoked. Thanks Nick!” 

                                                                                                     Karl Skewes- Property Management, New Zealand


“Initially, I was a tad skeptical about going on a guided surf tour, I mean, I dont need some one to show me around and tell me where to surf do I? How wrong I was… When I saw the NZ Surfing Adventures wagon pull up outside my hotel, I knew this wasn’t some duct-tape and cold sausages camping trip, we were going surfing and we were doing it in style to boot. I was so impressed with the set up and facilities on offer and Nicks classic commentary about the country and dry, Kiwi sense of humor made the drive out to our destination an experience in itself! Nick has such an in-depth knowledge of the waves and the weather systems around NZ, we were surfing, perfect, desolate waves when I personally, would be certain the whole country was a write-off and not even worth getting out of bed for. Everything from the pick-up to the camping, the food and especially the surfing was 5 stars and I wouldn’t hesitate a second to jump back on board the big silver Hyundai and get out there again to live the real New Zealand surfing experience. Thanks Nick and New Zealand Surfing Adventures hope to see you again next year!”

                                                 Paul Greenland – Surf Forecaster, New Zealand


  “Thanks for the great week of surf in N ZED! Still in awe of how good we scored it. Makes the waves at home seem so shitty.”  

                                                                                                         Steve Wilcox- Student, USA


“The lads had an epic 3 days away with New Zealand Surfing Adventures. Nick made a great call on where to head, then ensured we hit the best possible spots at the best time of day. The uncrowded waves we scored were world class. Too much fun!”

                                                                         Nick Harvey- NZ Sponsorship Agency, New Zealand

PP/Night from US$ 143