Niyama Private Islands

Maldives: Central Atolls

Fresh design 5+ star resort, situated off the beaten track, offering unique resort facilities with high quality breaks and uncrowded waves within easy reach.

"Quality surf breaks and a fresh design, luxury base"

If the idea of riding and traveling the same well-trodden surfer's paths is starting to wear a little thin for you, we might have just the solution. Niyama Private Islands Surf Resort takes you off the beaten track and away from the crowds, without compromise on the waves. Quality breaks and a fresh design, luxury base are offered here, proving you can have it all.

Situated in the Maldives’ Central Atoll, you will have some unique resort facilities at your fingertips. Fancy dancing the night away at an underwater night club? No problem – you can do that here – Niyama Private Islands has one of those and what's more it's the only one of its kind on the planet.

"Solo surfer or families will find pavilions and studios"

Whether you are a solo surfer, family group or one of a traveling surf crew, you will find something to suit your party size, with a range of pavilions and studios on offer. Although accommodation types might vary, one thing however remains constant throughout here – all offer 5++ star comfort and all you might expect from something of that high standard (and quite probably a few things that you might not expect too).

"Waves are waiting on the west side of the atoll"

Off to the west, and just 5 minutes away by speedboat, is your closest break – the superb, hollow right hander Kudahuvadhoo. Head off in the other direction, east, for 10 minutes by speedboat and you will arrive at another barreling right hander. There's something on the menu for goofies too - on the staff's island is a classic, powerful left hand ride. There are further breaks besides these, ready for you to explore on the west side of the atoll.

Packages on offer at Niyama Private Islands Surf Resort include some great family rates and specials.

Comfort, luxury, tropical, something different, crowd-free, off the beaten path – if all these words and phrases feature highly on your surf vacation 'essential' list then the Niyama Private Islands Surf Resort could be a great fit.

5 reasons to choose Niyama Private Islands Surf Resort:

  1. 5++ star resort!

  2. Wide range of unique resort facilities!

  3. The only underwater night club in the world!

  4. Off the beaten track.

  5. High quality, uncrowded breaks close by.