Otro Modo Studios Morro Jable

Canary Islands, Spain: Fuerteventura

Whether you are a first time surfer or looking to improve your skills, Casa Alberto combines both excellent surfing with affordable accommodation.


Surfing - Surfschool Philosophy

"OTRO MODO” is Spanish and means “the different way”. OTRO MODO this is us, this is our way to live. OTRO MODO is more than a name it's our philosophy! Every one of us has different motivations to live this different lifestyle. But one thing we all have in common: The love for the ocean.
The elemental force, dimension, mystic and eternity of the ocean inspires people to dream and to go beyond their limits at all times.

From all the water sports none is more elemental, pure and bonded closer to the energy of the ocean than surfing. We from OTRO MODO made our decision. This is our life. The Ocean is our life.

We are "inspired by the ocean". We are not a big travel company, we are people who follow their passion. We want to share our passion with you.
Surfing - a royal sport in ancient Hawaii, highly paid professional business, lifestyle and adventure in the back of beyond - Surfing is a passion that millions of people around the world follow.

The incredible feeling of riding along a wall of water, feeling one with the forces of nature cannot be described. Surfing unites different cultures, religions and people of different ages. Surfing is a Passion.
We want you, regardless of your age, your surfing experience and skill, to enjoy surfing and learning surfing as much as possible and all this with maximum safety!


How do we achieve those aims?

Our surf lessons are based on years of experience and the modern teaching methods of the British Surfing Association (BSA). Our courses are designed by sport scientists. We are also constantly monitoring the quality of the lessons to make them better.

Every day we choose the surf beach based on your surfing skills. Only optimal wave and wind conditions according to your level of surfing lets you make huge advances in learning to surf.

We've got a big range of new and modern surfing equipment (Billabong wetsuits, NSP and Surftech surfboards, etc.), to be able to give every surfer the surf equipment which fits best to their skills.

All our surf coaches are certified by the British Surfing Association (BSA). They are also qualified lifeguards certified with the Surf Life Saving Association (SLSA). Every Coach has a minimum of 2 years experience in teaching surfing.

Our coaches are highly motivated, for every one of them surfing is more than just a sport it is a life spirit! That means more than riding a wave, it is the fun of discovering new places, adventure, meeting a lot of people and having friends around the globe. We want you to become a part of it!
What are our strengths?

Apart from the beginner's course, our surfschool is specialised in intermediate and advanced surf lessons and surf guiding. The advanced lessons - often neglected from other surfschools - are our strengths!


You want to stand up on a surfboard but have never surfed before?

Our surf courses are based on sensible structured learning steps which build on each other and guaranty a comfortable and safe start to surfing. We also insist on a small surf coach to surf student ratio (1:6 max. 1:7). Only in small groups can our surf coaches train each surf student individually.

You already had some surf lessons and have surfed your first white water waves but want more?

You are already surfing green waves but don't have enough drive for your first turns?

You have only got one week of holiday and you want to surf as much as possible, but you don't know where to go?

Then we recommend for you our intermediate or advanced surf courses! We only use surf coaches that are certified for advanced lessons (min. BSA Level 2 Instructor). They also have at least 3 years experience specifically in teaching advanced surfers.

From reaching the lineup to your first cutback they will guide you in theory and practice.


Is that all?


Videocoaching. Almost every surf school offers it, but just a few are really doing it. Our surf lesson includes, depending on your package, at least one detailed video coaching. Whether you are a complete beginner or a professional surfer, with movement correction in slow motion it makes every surfers surfing improve, a lot, in a minimum amount of time.

Our surf courses also include interesting und technical theory lessons. From understanding currents and learning to negotiate them, tides, wind, wave development and surf technique, to surfboard design and the history of surfing. 

At least once a week we give extra theorie lessons in our office in Morro Jable about tides, winds, currents, origination of waves, sustainability, beach and enviroment protection.

We are constantly checking the quality of our surf lessons, for example with our feedback sheets. We want your opinion after your surf lessons, so that we can become better and so that you can have the best possible fun in your surf holidays.


Surfcamp Fuerteventura Team

Name: Tine

Age: 37
Nationality: German
Occupation: Photographer
For the last three years Tine has lived on Fuerteventura. Tine makes sure that you can enjoy your holiday without a care. She organises our office, airport transfers, accommodation, surf lessons and is always available to fix any problems or provide any desires.
Regularly Tine attends the surf lessons to shoot pictures of you surfing in professional quality.
"Surfing fascinates me. There is no other sport that bring you closer to nature than surfing."

Name: Christof

Age: 33
Nationality: German
Occupation: Grafik Designer and BSA Surf Coach, SLSA Beach Lifeguard
Christof is the founder of OTRO MODO Surfschool. He has worked for more than 9 years as a surf instructor for both beginner and advanced surfers in surfcamps in France, Spain, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Indonesia. With regular on-the-job training he ensures that the surf coaching skills of his team are up to date. Feedback sheets and weekly team meetings ensure permanent quality.
"I invite you to a relaxing holiday with sun, sea, new impressions and friends. ...and of course lots of fun, action and adventure!"
Christof as surf instructor in german kids television program "Tabaluga TV" ZDF (Juli 2007)
(Theese pictures were taken while Christof was working for Quiksilver Surfschool)

Name: Rick

Age: 21
Nationality: Dutch
Occupation: Sports Student and BSA Level 2 Surf Coach, SLSA Beach Lifeguard
Rick is the head coach of OTRO MODO Surfschool. He's got salt water in his veins, because he only stops surfing for sleeping and eating.
Rick has the right advice for every type of surfer, it doesent matter if you are a beginner surfer and praticing your first take off or if you have already a lot of surfing experience and want to turn your top turns into cut backs.
"Work sucks, Go surfing!"

Name: Bernardo

Age: 26
Nationality: Portuguese
Occupation: surf instructor and beach lifeguard from the Portuguese association
Bernardo grew up at the Atlantic Ocean. He knows the sea like the back of his hand, spots every current and knows where the best waves are breaking.
Whether beginner or advanced he’s got the right advice for everybody to improve their surfing technique.
"I'm looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for surfing and sharing the fantastic beaches of Fuerteventura!"

Name: Lenny

Age: 24
Nationality: German
Occupation: Sport Science Student
Lenny can not imagine a life without surfing since more than five years. The past summers he worked together with Christof for a Surfcamp in France.
As he’s got new aims, now he supports the OTRO MODO Crew with their, surf lessons, office organisation and surf guiding trips.
"Surf now, apocalypse later"

PP/Night from US$ 51