Peniche Surf Camp

Portugal: Peniche

A range of accommodation options from basic to luxury are offered here with a reef break in front of the camp and many beachbreaks within walking distance.


Our team is made of surfers. Surf is our religion and we want to pass on the spirit of it.


Ricardo Leopoldo is 35 years old. Together with his brother Leo he founded Peniche Surf Camp. Ricardo was born and grew up in Peniche. He began surfing at age 14, started to compete at 16 and his first surf lessons were given at the age of 19. He has always had a hunger for surfing and has dedicated himself to the sport. Ricardo knowsall the Peniche surf spots very well, has surfed countless Portuguese beaches from north to south and travelled to  France, Spain, the Azores, Madeira, Morocco, the Cape Verde islands, Brazil, Panama, Mexico, Canada, the  U.S.A. and Indonesia, always in search of the "perfect wave".
As a competitor he won some local championships, was a runner-up at the University Championship Tour and was among the 30 best national surfers for several years. In 1998 he saw his dedication rewarded when Surf Portugal Magazine, the most respected amongst Portugueses surfers, published a cover shot of Ricardo surfingone of the local Peniche beaches.
As a surf teacher, Ricardo received a surf teacher diploma from the Portuguese Surf Federation in 1994 and hasn´t stopped teaching since. In the same year at the age of 19 he opened and started to teach at his own surf school. , then later at other schools and finally at Peniche Surf Camp since it opened in April 2004.
Ricardo is also one of the founders of the local Surf Club where he was nominated president for 5 years. His main sponsors are RIP CURL and Phynix Surfboards.
Apart from being a surfer Ricardo has a university degree in Languages and Modern Literature from the University Autónoma of Lisbon and a Master of Science in Education and is therefore a qualified high school teacher.
Ricardo knows exactly what is necessary for a surfer to achieve success. Working alongside himare both international and local surf teachers that pass by Peniche Surf Camp to work and enjoy the excellent conditions that Peniche has for offer.


António Leopoldo

António Leopoldo was born in 1967 and is the manager of Peniche Surf Camp. Leo was born and raised in Peniche. Since an early age he always loved ocean related activities such as fishing, snorkeling,bodysurfing, or catching waves for fun on anything available to him. 
1979 - At the age of 11 Leo and his best friend were lent a surfboard by a foreign surfer staying near Supertubes and both soon caught the surfing bug.
1982 – Aged 14 Leo really started to surf regularly along with a group of his friends the whole year round.
1983 – Leo met Fred Bassey (at the time a well known windsurfer, later to become director of Rip Curl). Fred showed Leo and his friends the basics of how to shape and make surfboards. Leo´s friends started to make their own surfboards. 
1985 – The first National Surf Championships were held in Peniche, giving Leo the opportunity to meet and learn from many of the top surfers in Portugal, among them a number of future champions.
1986 - Started an apprenticeship at a local surfboard factory, one of the first in Peniche and indeed in Portugal. This activity had a great impact on his future life because a few years he started to shape surfboards and this eventually led to him opening his own surfboard company. In this year Leo´s level of surfing improved to the point that he obtained his first sponsorship deal, providing him with wetsuits and surfboards.
1987 – Became a life guard at the most famous surf beach in Portugal; Super Tubes.
1988 to 1991 – Continued to work in the surfboard factory and competed consistently and successfully in both national and local surf championships.
1992 – Opened a glassing factory in Peniche, working with top local shapers such as Fernando Horta and Luis Gomes.
1993 – Founded own brand of surfboards, the now well respected Phynix Surfboards.
1994 – Assisted in the set up and running of a local surf camp. During this time Leo had the great pleasure of hosting two of the legends of surfing, Gerry Lopez and Darrick Doerner who both stayed at the camp.
1995 – Leo and his brother Ricardo set up their first surf school and surf shop together in Baleal
1996 - Leo was invited to participate in a shaping internship in South Africa (at the world famous Jeffrey’s Bay). Here he spent 6 months working with some of the best shapers in the world and had the opportunity to improve his work as well as meet and learn from some of the world’s top surfers. This trip had a huge impact on Leo, changing many of his views on surfing and shaping and gave him even more drive to pursue a surf related life.
1998 – Designed, developed and marketed Phynix surf clothing collection
2000 – Invited to Hossegor by a local brand to be their main shaper for 4 months. This gave Leo an amazing opportunity to be a central part of the local surf industry in the European Mecca of surfing.
2001 to 2004 – Still shaping his own brand boards with Phynix, Leo obtained various other contracts with larger Spanish surfboard brands, this enabled him to shape boards for more of the top European surfers and expand his knowledge of shaping. Over these next few years Leo worked as a team with many of these top surfers, watching them surf and training them in the knowledge of board design in order to enable them to get the best from the boards he designed and shaped for them.
2004 to Present – Leo has always enjoyed sharing his surfing knowledge with others and teaching beginners the art of surfing, so it was a natural progression that in 2004, along with his brother Ricardo, he opened up Peniche Surf Camp in order to teach surfing to beginners and also to promote surfing in the area that he loves to those already addicted to the surfing life. Since opening the camp Leo has achieved the first level as a surf trainer and qualified as a surf competition judge. He is also one of the founders of the local surf club in Peniche and has done much good work with many of the other local clubs and associations in the area. Leo has probably spent more continuous seasons surfing in the Peniche area than any other surfer, he has undoubtedly shown more dedication to surfing life in the area than most and plans to continue living his life in this manner. He is currently proudly passing on his wealth of surf knowledge and love of the ocean to his young son. It goes without saying that Leo’s future and that of his family will continue to be strongly linked with surfing, shaping and proudly promoting his home of Peniche as the world class surf location that it truly is.



Edgar Bento, or "Billy" as he is called (his nickname), is one of our surf monitors. He was born in Lisbon 28 years ago but moved to Peniche 10 years ago.
His first contact with a surfboard was in Peniche and he has been surfing for sixteen years. Billy had his own surf school but decided to work full time for Peniche Surf Camp. He has been teaching surf for five years, three of them at Peniche Surf Camp. He is known as a "Soul Surfer”. His surf is characterized by being a mix of modern and classic style with radical maneuvers.
He has visited places such as the Portuguese islands of the Azores and Madeira; the north of France; the Canary Islands; Costa Rica; the Maldives and Indonesia.
Billy obtained his surf monitor qualification from the Portuguese Surf Federation 5 years ago.



Tiago is our year round surf instructor. He was born in 1982 in Caldas da Rainha, a town next to Peniche. He now lives in a small village on the coast situated 15km south of Peniche, Praia da Areia Branca, where he began Body Boarding at the age of 7. It took him 10 years to realize that it feels better to ride the waves standing up. Since then surf has been a large part of his lifestyle. He loves to travel in search of perfect waves and has been to the Azores, France, Morocco and Cape Verde. When he is not surfing he enjoys sk8boarding and snowboarding. Tiago obtained his surf instructor qualification in 2007 from the Portuguese Surf Federation, he has a degree in Sports and Physical Education and is also President of the local Surf Association ”Praia Surf Club” which organizes Surf and Bodyboard contests to improve the local level and promote the sport. Tiago is here to help improve your surfing and to guide you around the excellent waves of Peniche.



José Pedro or “Piri” as he is called (his nickname), is one of the people working at the reception. His job is receiving the surf camp guests, to inform them about activities and to solve problems that may arise. Piri was born, grew up and lives in Peniche. He is 33 years old. He loves all activities related to the sea, not only surfing but also fishing, scuba diving, etc. He has practiced surfing since he was 15 years old.



Patricia is responsible for the financial department. She is 35 years old and was born in Madrid, Spain but always wanted to live near the sea. Despite living far from the sea and the waves, she soon became interested in surfing. She started surfing in 2004 and on one of her surf trips she passed through Peniche. She fell in love with the area and its people and after a year moved to Peniche permanently. She loves living and working here, since between accounts and payments there is always time to practice her favorite sports.



Vanessa is Peniche Surf Camp electronic booking manager. Her job is to reply to the emails and to answer all the questions and information the clients may have or request. She is 25 years old and was born, grew up and lives in Caldas da Rainha, a city located 30 kilometres from Peniche. For four years she studied in Peniche, where she took a University degree in Tourism, at the University of Tourism and Technology of the Sea. Because she lives in Caldas da Rainha, located approximately 8 kilometres from a beach called Foz do Arelho, and studied in Peniche; she loves the beach and the ocean.


Other Instructors

 In addition to the above two surf instructors working full time, Billy and Tiago, many other surf instructors provide temporary services in Peniche Surf Camp. According to the needs of the school we hire local surf instructors, accredited by the Portuguese Surfing Federation, with experience in teaching and fluent in English and Portuguese.


General Info

What nationalities do you have the most? 

We're happy to say that we have costumers from all around the world. There is no country that we can say that most our costumers come from.


Are you open all year round?

Yes, we never close.


What kind of actions do you provide? 

We are experts in Surf classes. We provide two surf lessons per day. Also at night we promote activities like BBQ, photo session, parties etc, to get people together. Nevertheless we are located by the ocean, so any activity related to the ocean like fishing, scuba diving etc may be provided. Lisbon is at 1 hour by the car and Óbidos (medieval castle) 15 minutes by car. Peniche itself is also a beautiful town to be explored.


What should we bring?

Besides your personal belongings, you should bring:

  • sunscreen;
  • sun block for the face (you can also use Zink cream for sensitive areas like, nose, lips and cheeks)
  • aloe vera (relieves sunburn)
  • sunglasses and cap
  • beach towel
  • waterproof ear plugs if you have “sensitive” ears or hearing problems. •
  • Swim Suit to wear underneath the wetsuit.

The temperature in Portugal drops down quite a bit when the sun goes down, so make sure you bring some warm clothes (jacket, pants, long sleeves, pullover) as well as your beach gear.


Is there a minimum age requirement?

No, but if you're under 18 years old we require you to bring written consent from your parents.



How many people are in each apartment/ room?

We have apartments for 8, 6 and 4 people. Also, we have rooms of 4 and rooms of 2. We always organize people in the most comfortable way, and avoid putting people from different groups or genders together in the same room.


Do you provide sheets and blankets?

Yes, we provide sheets, blankets and towels.


Is the food included in the accommodation?

All our apartments are self catering, there are also many restaurants and a mini markets nearby, and we also have two BBQs per week. However if you are 5 or more people we have the possibility to arrange meals for you.


What choise of accommodation do I have?

We have shared, private and beach house accommodation. You may check them under the menu accommodation, on our website.


Can I take accommodation and surf lessons and the person who comes with me just accommodation?

Yes, you can take one package and the other person takes another one.


Surf Classes

Is there a minimum number of people for the surf lessons?

There are no minimums for anything in Peniche Surf Camp.


What days are the lessons on?

The lessons are normally from Monday to Friday, but we can arrange for lessons on the weekend.


How many hours a day do you stay in the water?

With the lessons you stay around 3 hours total.


Do you give private lessons?

Yes, we arrange for private lessons, but only if we have one of the teachers available. We usually arrange for them on the weekends.


Do I need to arrive on Sunday and leave on Sunday?

No, you can arrange the arrival and departure dates to suit your needs. You can also stay in the camp before or after the week with the surf classes.


Can I have only the lessons?



Can my children of 9 years old have surf lessons?

Your children are at a good age to start surfing. In fact the best age is even 8, 9 years old. They might start with private lessons but if they take group lessons it might be more motivating to be learning with other children. We have wetsuits all sizes for children and soft boards for beginners. Our surf instructors are qualified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation and experienced with children.


Do you have surf lessons every day?

Yes, there are surf lessons every day of the week including weekends.


Surf Equipment 

Can we rent the surf equipment?

Yes, but you have some rules to follow: Rental rules:
1 - Passport required.
2 - Rental hours: From 8:30 to 18:30.
3 - The client must bring all the equipment back before 18:30.
4 - The equipment must be returned everyday in good condition: wetsuit and surfboard washed and clean.
5 - If you wish to keep the equipment at home you must leave a deposit of 250 EUR which will be given back to you when you return the surf equipment in good condition!


Can we use the surf equioment after the surf lessons?

The surf equipment is included for the surf classes. You will have two surf sessions per day. Usually after two surf sessions you will feel tired but if you wish to use the surf material outside the classes, you need to rent and pay at the reception after you finish the surf lessons.


Can i only rent the equipment?




What are the nearest surf spots?

Lagido and Cantinho da Baia are 4 minutes walk just around the corner.


What's the distance from the surf camp to supertubes?

About 2 kilometers.


What is the level of surfing that you need to surf in Peniche?

Because of the number of surf spots there's always a break for every level of surfer.


What's the water temperature?

The coldest it gets is in January - February, and it goes as low as 14º Celsius (4/3 wetsuit required). The rest of the year is around 17ºC (3/2 wetsuit or shorty) and in July and August it can get as high as 20ºC (maybe just board shorts!!).


Are there rips in the surf spots of Peniche?

Rips are not a problem in the Peniche area.


Is Peniche a good place to surf?

Peniche is a very consistent surf spot, there are waves all year round.It is considered to be the most consistent surf spot in portugal. Has got a very famous wave, considered to be the best left in Portugal, Super Tubes. Peniche is a true surf town.


What is the best season to catch good waves?

The best season is Autumn, Winter and Spring. 


Getting There

What's the best airport to get to Peniche?

Lisbon airport is the closest one (45 minutes drive, 1h35m by bus).


What is the easiest way to get to Peniche surf camp?

The easiest way to get to Peniche surf camp is to request a transfer service from us for 90 eur. We will pick you up at the airport. When you exit the airport door there will be a person holding a name board with your name written on it. This person is the driver who will bring you to Peniche surf camp


If we rent a car at the airport, how do we get to Peniche surf camp?

To get to Peniche Surf Camp from the airport is not difficult: you have to ask at the airport, to the car rental people, how to go to the road IC 17. From there you have to exit to the road A8 direction Loures. Once on the A8 you have to drive about 70 KM until you see the exit to Peniche. Attention: there are two exits to Peniche on the high way. Do not exit on the first, because it will take you through secondary roads. You should take the second exit to road IP 6. It's exit number 14. You drive all the way until you find the first round about. You follow straight and on the 3rd round about, just before you enter Peniche city, you turn right to BALEAL. We are at Baleal on the main road.


How can we go from lisbon airport to Peniche by bus?

The best way is to get a taxi or shuttle bus from the airport into the central station with the address Praça Marechal Humberto Delgado- Rua das Laranjeiras and then get an “Expresso” bus to Peniche. Timetables are available at our website under "Getting There". Once you know what time your bus will arrive to Peniche, let us know by giving us a call and we'll have someone waiting for you in the Peniche bus station. This pick up service is free of charge if you are taking minimum 7 days accommodation and 5 days surf classes (Pack 1) or minimum 7 days accommodation and 7 days surf rental. All the other costumers pay 7 eur for the transfer from one until four persons. More than four persons please ask for the price. Just be sure to get out in the actual bus station, last stop. The bus stops in the middle of the town first before the bus station.


Getting Around

Where is the nearest ATM?

500 meters to the south, close to the supermarket and Rip Curl surf shop.


Where is the nearest bar?

Cocktail bar is 100 meters north - Prainha is 200 meters south - Bar do Bruno is 500 meters south


Where is the nearest hospital?

In Peniche (5km).


Where is the nearest pharmacy?

You have one in Ferrel, about 2km away, open on weekdays, 9am to 7pm. In Peniche (5km) you have several pharmacies, and there's allways one open 24/7.


Where is the nearest restaurant?

Baleal à Vista, nice and cheap, just around the corner. There are several other restaurants around.


Where is the nearest surf beach from accommodation?

Lagido is less than 100 meters away.


Do I need a car to get around?

No, you have everything in walking distance, from the surf spots to the supermarket and the ATM machine.


Are there many surf shops around?

We have a small surf shop in the reception with the most important things. In Peniche and Ferrel you have a Peniche Surf Shop where people staying in our surf camp get a discount.


Where is the nearest internet access point?

Right at the surf camp. We also have wireless access if you bring your own laptop.



What to bring  

Besides your personal belongings, you should bring:

  • sunscreen;
  • sun block for the face (you can also use Zink cream for sensitive areas like, nose, lips and cheeks)
  • aloe vera (relieves sunburn)
  • sunglasses and cap
  • beach towel
  • waterproof ear plugs if you have “sensitive” ears or hearing problems. •
  • Swim Suit to wear underneath the wetsuit.


The temperature in Portugal drops down quite a bit when the sun goes down, so make sure you bring some warm clothes:

  • Jacket
  • Pants
  • long sleeves
  • pullover
  • as well as your beach gear.



Our Surf Base is within walking distance or a short drive from all the waves in the peninsular of Peniche. It is located in Casais do Baleal. Baleal is a small island 5 minutes drive from Peniche and 1 hour from Lisbon. There is regular public transport coming to and from Peniche.

Around our surf base you can find mainly beaches. There are bars and coffee shops on the beach where you can watch the sunset or party at night. There are also many types of restaurants, a market, surf shops, a bakery and everything necessary for your everyday needs. More specific needs, such as banks and other public institutions, can be found in Peniche.


Roberto Allegro (09/11/2010)

Online booking attendance: Fast answers, they surely take care of you and your question or problems!

Transfers: Every small problem could be fixed in no time!

Reception and attendance: Warm reception, ready to help you in every way,and Hugo is great!

Houses: A lot of space,friendly atmosphere,3 minutes from the was perfect and clean!

Surf classes: Extremely well done,the video session is a useful tool and the teachers put big efforts in their work and your enjoyment.

Surf teacher:I've been there 15 days and Billy,Andrè and Ralph were very professionals,nice,and i was really able to learn a lot and enjoy the time in the water.Brilliant!

Surf equipment: Nothing to say,they give you what you need and ask if you feel confident,otherwise you can change:perfect!

BBQ: Great time to know people from all over the world,a lot of food and don't forget the great ping pong tournment!!!


Guidone (29/10/2010)

Online booking attendance: Fast responsive, very kind

Transfers: Everything works perfectly

Reception and attendance: The personnel is friendly and helpful

Houses: Very nice, fully equipped, confortable

Surf classes: Professionally managed, full of informations and tips. Much better if the number of people in the class is not too large

Surf teacher: Professional when it comes to teaching, funny and nice when necessary, they really follow your progress and fix your errors

Surf equipment: Very good, huge selection of material


Toby (20/10/2010)

Reception and attendance: We were received very well and the staff was welcoming.

Houses: The dorms were clean and the guests of mostly the same relaxed mind.

Surf classes: Enjoyed the classes a lot, and the instructors were great both in teaching and follow-up during the course.. as well as being great guys! Video analysis was a good way to see what to improve.

PP/Night from US$ 19