Peniche Surf Camp

Portugal: Peniche

A range of accommodation options from basic to luxury are offered here with a reef break in front of the camp and many beachbreaks within walking distance.

Amenities & Activities

Not only Surf. There is much more! 

During your free time there are many activities to do; You may visit the fishing town of Peniche and its beautiful fortress, stroll by the magic Island of Baleal, take a boat trip and travel to the natural attraction of Berlenga Island, sunbath and bathe yourself on the many beaches in the area. You can go by car to the historic village of Óbidos and visit it`s medieval castle. Don`t forget the amazing local cuisine that can be enjoyed in the many restaurants in the area and, finally, finishing the night in one of the many bars in the area. Lisbon, the country capital, is located one hour away by car and one and a half hours away by bus. 



The quaint fishing port of Peniche lies in the shelter of a great headland on Portugal 's rugged Atlantic coast. As late as the mid-16th century, the town was part of an 8-kilometre-wide island, although an accumulation of sand gradually joined it to the mainland to form the present peninsula. A small area of 74.6 Km2, Peniche combines a large modern fishing harbour with a 17th century military complex that symbolizes its ancient strategic value. Today the town is most famous for its lace-making and fishing, and of course the abundance of gorgeous beaches and surf spots. With it numerous fish restaurants, which during the summer serve up some of the tastiest sardines in Portugal .

What to see

At the water's edge on the south side of town stands the 16th-century Fortaleza , used as a prison during the repressive Salazar regime. It now contains a museum of local archaeology and crafts, incorporating former cells, solitary chambers and the visitors' grilles. In Largo 5 de Outubro, the Church of the Misericórdia has 17th-century painted ceiling panels depicting the life of Jesus Christ and patterned azulejo glazed tiles from the same period. There are also frequent festivals and markets offering the opportunity to buy goods from around the world.


A 3-km walk eastwards lies the breezy Cape Carvoeiro and the Chapel of Our Lady of Remédios, which contains 18th-century blue and white azulejo (glazed tiles). About 12 Km from Cape Carvoeiro is a small group of islands called the Berlengas. Berlenga Island itself, filled with mystery and beauty, is a nature reserve for the nesting of various species of birds and the preservation of various reptiles and other animals. You will also find there typical plants and flowers unique to Portugal . Laced with grottoes and coves, the Berlenga Islands are an hour's journey by boat from Peniche. It also has a 17th-century fort.



The natural conditions of Peniche offer a large range of beautiful beaches like Consolação, Super Tubos, Molho Leste, Praia da Baía (which has a length of 2.5 km), Baleal and the beaches of Béltico. All attract thousands of tourists every year, particularly in summer. However, as there is so much extension of beach, you can always find a corner to relax. Here you can walk by the sea, practise some exercise, play beach volleyball and football, beach tennis or simply sunbath and listen to the waves. But the beach is part of an ecosystem that needs protection for that reason please do not pollute the environment and, if possible, clean the beach.  



Baleal is the name of an island that is connected to Peniche through the accumulation of sand sediments that creates a path that connects the mainland to the Island of Baleal. “Baleia” means whale in Portuguese. The name is due to its past, a place for fishing whales that used to pass by during their migration to other seas. Nowadays it is a place where people spend their holidays and has excellent conditions for the practise of water sports. Because of its natural geography the peninsula is much sought for the practise of Surf and Bodyboard and also for fishing and diving. It is a great place to walk by the sea, enjoying the shape of the cliffs, listening to the ocean and get inspiration for our everyday life. Baleal Island is about 300 metres from the base of Peniche Surf Camp. Peniche surf camp has several apartments in Baleal Island for you, like The Beach House, The Fisherman`s House or the Baleia Apartments.



About 12 Km from Cape Carvoeiro there is a small group of islands called the Berlengas. The Berlenga island is filled with mystery and beauty. It is a natural reserve for the nesting of various species of birds and the preservation of various reptiles and other animals. You will also find there typical plants and flowers unique to Portugal. Laced with grottoes and coves, the Berlenga Islands are an hour's journey by boat from Peniche. It also has a 17th-century fort that you can visit. The main island has around 1500 metres in length by 800 m wide and 85 m. tall. The numerous granite caves spread throughout the islands are one of its major attractions, but its waters abundant in fish, calm and transparent remind us of other tropical islands spread over the world that are increasingly captivating tourists. One of the main attractions is the small beach of Mosteiro do Carreiro, where you can enjoy a few hours of sun during the summer or even bathe yourself in its peaceful and clear water with its shades of transparent green. It should be noted that there are also more many other small beaches around the island, where you can enjoy a little more privacy. The S. João Baptista fortress which was completed in 1666, has a main building in the embankment, with twelve rooms where once operate the dependencies of service (House of the Command, Quarters of troops, Stores, Kitchen and others) and has another eight compartments attached inside of its walls. A corridor with no lighting gives access to the various points within the fortress. On the other hand there is a boat that makes this trip twice a day.



The Óbidos village is about 15 minutes drive from the Peniche Surf Camp. Óbidos is a famous Portuguese village that has a medieval castle as its main attraction. Classified as a National Monument, was installed in 1951, the Pousada de Óbidos, which occupies the Manueline-style palace built in the early XVI century, and was recovered. In 2007, the castle won the title of one of the 7 wonders of Portugal. The main points of interest beyond the castle itself, are: The Porta da Vila which dates back to the XVIII century, the Capela da Nossa Senhora do Cramo, the church of Santa Maria that also has some centuries of existence, the church founded by Queen Leonor, Capela de S. Martinho, Santuário do Senhor da Pedra and the Museum. If you want more detailed information about Óbidos go to our reception.



Lisbon is 1 hour distance by car and 1h 35m by bus to the city of Peniche. Besides being the capital of the country, Lisbon is also the largest city of Portugal. Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It was founded more than three thousand years ago. Together with Setúbal, Alcácer do Sal and some cities in the Algarve, Lisbon is the oldest in Portugal and also the second oldest capital of the European Union, after Athens, older than Rome by four centuries. Its history evolves around the city’s strategic position at the mouth of the largest river in the Peninsula Ibérica (Portugal and Spain), the Rio Tejo. Its natural port gives the best conditions for the ships that trade between the North Sea and the Mediterranean sea. Because of its history Lisbon is also equally rich in monuments worth visiting. You have the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, the Torre de Belém, the Aqueduto das águas livres, the Castelo de S. jorge, the igreja da Basilica da Estrela, etc. But the city of Lisbon is not just history, it is also modernity. It was already the European Capital of Culture, received the announcement ceremony of the new 7 wonders of the world, received the opening ceremony of Euro 2004, held the Expo 98 and is where one of the world’s largest aquariums was built, etc. But Lisbon is also a fun city with great animation and good food in many and several restaurants in town, for all ages, tastes and budgets. If you like to go out at night you have many possibilities, with many bars, discos, cinemas, theatres, etc.

If you want more detailed information about Lisbon go to our reception.

Travel in Portugal and explore other places

Not far from Peniche we have other beautiful and famous towns with awesome and lonely surf spots. We provide for you, during the weekend, surf trips to these spots. We can drive 1 h to the north to the beautiful and traditional town of Nazaré . Over here you can enjoy the beautiful village of Nazaré with its characteristic culture and surf the epic “Praia do Norte”. We can drive 1 h to the south and visit the famous surf town of Ericeira known for its fabulous reef breaks. You'll see where the world championships are held and enjoy other beach breaks around. The surf trips are done with a minimum of 4 persons and a maximum of 8. Each person pays 30 €. We depart the surf base at 9 am and return at 8 pm.


Bars and Restaurants

Holidays are synonym of fun, good food and drinks. In Peniche and Portugal in general these conditions are guaranteed.

If you like to go out of at night you have several discos and clubs as well a lot of pubs and bars for different ages and budgets that can provide you many opportunities for an excellent night. A short distance from the surf camp you have Bar da Praia, the Cocktail Bar, the Danau and the Bruno`s Bar that guarantee you a lot of entertainment. Sometimes the parties last until morning but be careful, because surf is not compatible with parties!!!

Due to its qualities to attract tourists and people that practice water sports this area is rich in restaurants where you can enjoy its famous fish dishes, like Sardines, Seabass, Cherne, etc. Also famous is the “caldeirada” that is a kind of mixed fish and shellfish. Speaking of seafood, if you like crabs, shrimp, clams, spider crab, oysters, cockles, lobster etc. you are in the right place. However there are restaurants for all tastes in case you don`t like fish and equally for all budgets. Near the surf camp you have several quality restaurants, the most famous of all is Prainha. If you want a more economic meal there is the Restaurant Baleal à vista just around the corner. There are more restaurants at walking distance like Febras, Gauchão, and others. But be careful, you should not eat very much before surfing!!!

Custom Surfboard

Staying with Peniche Surf Camp, you can have a custom surfboard waiting for you when you arrive, at a very good price.

Boards are made in the Phynix factory, by shaper António Leopoldo. Leo has 15 years of shaping experience and after you send us your details like weight, height, time of surf and kind of waves you want to surf, Leo will know exactly what board will work best for you.

Fishing and Diving Trips

Peniche is a great surfing spot. But in Peniche you may also do many other activities related to the ocean. Fishing and diving are an example. Peniche has got a big fishing port and fishing is one of the major economical revenues of the people of the city. We can take you on a fishing trip or on a diving trip by Peniche coast. You will be taken on a specific boat for the activity by professionals. At the same time as fishing or diving you can see Peniche and the coast from the ocean, which is a beautiful sight.

For more information contact the reception. 

PP/Night from US$ 19