Pinnacles on Telo

Indonesia: Sumatra

The ultimate private island surf escape. A luxurious, intimate yet informal surf lodge with an emphasis on tranquility and privacy.

Rates & Packages

Rates & Dates 2017 / 2018

Check InCheck OutRate per surfer
Rate per non-surfer
Monday, 8 January 18Thursday, 18 January 18$6,050$3,000
Thursday, 18 January 18Sunday, 28 January 18$6,050$3,000
Sunday, 28 January 18Wednesday, 7 February 18$6,050$3,000
Wednesday, 7 February 18Saturday, 17 February 18$6,050$3,000
Saturday, 17 February 18Tuesday, 27 February 18$6,050$3,000
Tuesday, 27 February 18Friday, 9 March 18$8,500$4,000
Tuesday, 13 March 18Friday, 23 March 18$7,095$3,550
Friday, 23 March 18Tuesday, 3 April 18$7,095$3,550
Tuesday, 3 April 18Friday, 13 April 18$7,095$3,550
Friday, 13 April 18Saturday, 21 April 18$5,900$3,000
Saturday, 21 April 18Saturday, 28 April 18$5,400$2,750
Saturday, 28 April 18Tuesday, 8 May 18$7,205$3,600
Tuesday, 8 May 18Friday, 18 May 18$7,205$3,600
Friday, 18 May 18Monday, 28 May 18$7,315$3,650
Monday, 28 May 18Thursday, 7 June 18$7,315$3,650
Thursday, 7 June 18Sunday, 17 June 18$7,315$3,650
Sunday, 17 June 18Wednesday, 27 June 18$7,425$3,700
Wednesday, 27 June 18Saturday, 7 July 18$7,425$3,700
Saturday, 7 July 18Tuesday, 17 July 18$7,315$3,650
Tuesday, 17 July 18Friday, 27 July 18$7,315$3,650
Friday, 27 July 18Monday, 6 August 18$7,315$3,650
Monday, 6 August 18Thursday, 16 August 18$7,315$3,650
Thursday, 16 August 18Sunday, 26 August 18$7,205$3,600
Sunday, 26 August 18Wednesday, 5 Sept 18$7,205$3,600
Wednesday, 5 September 18Saturday, 15 September 18$7,205$3,600
Saturday, 15 September 18Tuesday, 25 September 18$6,930$3,465
Tuesday, 25 September 18Friday, 5 October 18$6,050$3,000
Friday, 5 October 18Monday, 15 October 18$6,050$3,000
Monday, 15 October 18Thursday, 25 October 18$6,050$3,000
Thursday, 25 October 18Sunday, 4 November 18$6,050$3,000
Sunday, 4 November 18Wednesday, 14 Nov 18$6,050$3,000
Wednesday, 14 November 18Saturday, 24 November 18$6,050$3,000
Saturday, 24 November 18Tuesday, 4 December 18$6,050$3,000
Tuesday, 4 December 18Friday, 14 December 18$6,050$3,000
Friday, 14 December 18Monday, 24 December 18$6,050$3,000

What is included / What not


  • Meet and greet in Medan (includes porters)
  • Return transfers out to Telo Island
  • All surf transfers are included in your package and will be carried out in the comfort of our super fast speed boats
  • Alcoholic beverages are available at our fully serviced bar
  • Access and uninterrupted views to the only resortfront break in the region
  • We’ll even run you out the back and pick you up!
  • Three meals per day prepared by our chefs should you have special dietary requirements please lets us know in advance and we are more than happy to cater specifically for them
  • Use of all equipment and facilities at Pinnacles onTelo, including fishing and snorkeling equipment, ping-pong, DVD with a huge selection of movies, CD player, Sat TV, magazines, books, laundry service and much more
  • Unlimited drinking water
  • Complimentary hospitality offerings include fresh fruit such as bananas, watermelon, mandarins, apples or papaya, as well as tea, coffee, fruit juice and water
  • Our attentive staff will attend to your needs at a moment’s notice
  • We offer a complimentary surfboard repair service but ask you do tip the staff member who has carried outthe repair.
  • Also included in this package is the expert knowledge of your Australian guides who have been living and surfing in this part of Indonesia for almost 20 years!


  • Surfboard repair
  • Laundry
  • Village tours
  • Extensive book library
  • Ping-pong table
  • Projector TV and surround- sound in lounge area
  • Stand Up Paddleboards
  • Sea Kayaks
  • DVD library Dartboards
  • Board games Snorkeling gear
  • Fishing equipment Hammocks
  • In-house stereo system

Extended Description

Getting There

Flights typically are routed through either Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or Singapore. From any of these locations, you are then flown to the north Sumatran city of Medan, Indonesia, where you will be met on arrival by our representative at the Medan airport.

Depending on your arrival time, you will either be taken to the JW Marriott for an overnight stay or taken directly to our Grand Caravan charter aircraft for departure to Pinnacles on Telo.

Our fly-in-fly out chartered transfer is precisely what puts us ahead of the pack. No more worrying about when – or if – your plane flies today. We control the entire process and make sure it goes off without a hitch every time, on time… Guests can relax and take in the scenery on the short 90-minute flight from Medan to the local airport Lasondre on the island of Tanah Masa. The airport is just a short boat ride from the resort where the empty waves and our smiling staff will be eagerly anticipating your arrival.

After a brief introduction to the lodge and safety protocols, then it’s simply a case of screwing in fins, waxing up, and heading out to surf the best waves on offer.

Arrival in Medan

When you’ve arrived and cleared immigration you’ll be approached by the porter and asked if you are a guest of Pinnacles on Telo. Our porters will assist in collecting your bags and exiting customs, and will carry your luggage out to meet our ground agent as you exit the airport. Our agent, Boraspati Express Tours, will be waiting for you with a clearly marked uniform & “Pinnacles on Telo” signage. The porters are pre- paid by Pinnacles on Telo and there is no need to pay for this service.

While in Medan

From here, our agent will transfer you and your luggage over to the domestic terminal (or to your hotel if you are staying overnight) where you will check in for the Susi Air flight to Pulau Telo (estimated time of departure 12.00pm). Should you be arriving a day early and require accommodation in Medan, our agent will pick you up from the airport on arrival and transfer you to your hotel. They will then arrange a time to pick you up again the following morning to transfer you to domestic terminal in time for the 12.00pm departure to Pulau Telo.

Medan to Telo

The flight to Palau Telo takes just over an hour and a half. You will be met at Pulau Telo airport by management of Pinnacles on Telo and a quick speedboat transfer to Pinnacles on Telo (5 minutes) will have you in the surf by around 3:00pm. The first order of business however – as you gaze around slackjawed at your home for the next ten days – is a briefing on surf safety and basic procedures.

On Departure

On the final day of your package you’ll check out of The Lodge at 12:00pm. The speed-boat transfer to Palau Telo airport will have you checking in for your flight back to Medan soon thereafter. Our agent will meet you on arrival in Medan and assist with transferring you to either your departing flight (we recommend you do not book an onward flight from Medan earlier than 7.00pm.) or to your hotel for the night. If overnighting, our agent will arrange a time to pick you up from the hotel the following morning and transfer you to the airport for your departing flight.

PP/Night from US$ 453