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Costa Rica: Guanacaste

First-class Western style accommodation offered in Playa Negra with private pool which offers surf guiding to world-class quality breaks.

Amenities & Activities

The Northwest Pacific region of Guanacaste is the driest area of Costa Rica with beautiful beaches that stretch for miles. The ‘Gold Coast’ is a prime area for sun and relaxation. Little rain and consistent warm temperatures offer visitors an enviable climate, breathtaking beaches and lovely Pacific sunsets. The land is still ”virgin” and undisturbed. It is still customary to see real cowboys, wild horses, cattle traffic jams, and wild bull fights, an experience that makes Costa Rica unique. A cultural experience that is becoming rare-if not extinct. When you’re not surfing there is plenty to do — check out the beaches and explore the tidal pools. Nearby, discover all kinds of wildlife including Howler Monkeys, Iguanas, Toucans and much more. Chill at the local hotel and have a cold beer, play pool or grab your skate deck and hit the new Playa Negra skate park!

Health and Fitness

Yoga Classes

Classes avilable daily and we partner with the local yoga studio in town. Stretch and stay flexible, avoid common injuries and surf more loosely. Discover the many benefits yoga has on all aspects of your life.



Surfed hard all day?  No worries, we’ll arrange one of several certified masseuses to come to the house and work out the soreness that comes with paddling and getting tubed all day. You’ll be limber and paddling circles around your friends next session!


Adventure Tours

Boat Trips

Witches Rock, Ollies Point, Labyrinth and a couple other mysto spots are a couple hours up the coast located in Santa Rosa national park. We have the best captain and his two boats available when we make the call. There are now limited park passes available and our captain has most of them per-purchased.

Golf Course

Hacienda Pinilla is a 7,300-yard, par 72 masterpiece golf course that offers picturesque scenery, immaculate conditions, and frequent glimpses of exotic wildlife. When there’s down time from the surf or if you need a change of pace, the course is only minutes from the house.

Zip-Line Canopy Tours

A zip-line canopy tour is a must for all first-time visitors of Costa Rica. Fly weightlessly through the rainforest canopy, looking down upon birds, reptiles, monkeys and lush vegetation. We will only take you to tours certified by the Costa Rican Tourism Board. Most tours are between 2 and 3 hrs long and vary from $35 to $55.

Horseback Riding

See Costa Rica the way it’s been seen for centuries: on horseback. Many are surprised to learn that Costa Rica has a rich cowboy culture, dating back to the when the Spanish first arrived in the early to mid 16th century. Tours vary from 2 hrs to a full day and cost between $35 and $150 and cater to all abilities.

Sport Fishing

We will charter a boat for you to fish, snorkel, surf, and do any combination of the three in a single trip. Maykol will take you to Flamingo Beach, where the boat departs. Costa Rica is renowned for having some of the world’s best fishing. Expect to catch Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, Yellow Fin Tuna, Red Snapper, Sailfish and many others.


Snorkeling (equipment provided): Pristine, hidden coves are home to crystal clear water and you can expect to see eels, puffer fish, parrot fish, trigger fish, eels, rays and much more. During the ride, you may also see dolphins, manta-rays, devil-rays and whales

River Rafting

There is Class II-III river-rafting on the Colorado River within an hour’s drive of the house. The Colorado River is user-friendly with fun rapids and beautiful scenery. Watch for howler monkeys in the canopy above and iguanas and herons on the shoreline. Tours varies from 2 to 8 hrs and cost $35 to $115.

Guaitil Artisans

Guaitil is a small town that still practices some of the tradtions of the indigenous cultures of Costa Rica. The entire town is dedicated to the production of clay pottery and offers a slice of the mesoamerican indigenous culture.


Perfect waves caught on camera and on video - you will never forget your experience!

Need or want photos or video of your surf trip? Professional photo and video packages are available through Tony Roberts Photography. Tony Roberts (TR) has worked with high profile clients such as: Surfing Magazine, Quiksilver, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic Extreme and others. Tony has lived in Costa Rica for over 20 years. He and his team know every detail of the surf breaks and how to document your surfing!

PP/Night from US$ 210