Russia Caucasus Secret Spot Heliskiing


It’s just a short flight away, but you might think you’re skiing on the moon when you feel the untouched soft powder of Caucasus.

"Everything from steep couloirs to wide open powder fields"

You might feel like you’re on another world when you’re there, but the Russian Caucasus could be just hours away. This world class destination is just a few hours from most European cities by air and yet it offers an experience that is like nothing Europe can offer. The Russia Caucasus Secret Spot Heli Skiing trip is in the perfect location to combine high altitude alpine skiing with deep powder and endlessly variable runs.

On this special trip you’ll be treated to unspoiled terrain with long runs of 800 to 1000 vertical meters. You can expect everything from steep couloirs to wide open powder fields and in the Russian Caucasus the powder is often deep and dry with heavy annual snow falls.

"Accommodation in a lodge, a former president residence"

Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy 25 helicopter runs over their 6 day trip. They can also enjoy personalized service with small groups of no more than 4 skiers per guide. All mountain guides are highly trained expert skiers and snowboarders who make safety and fun a priority. Trips are available for private or semi-private groups, with 2 groups per helicopter.

This 6 day, 7 night trip provides accommodation in a Russian lodge that is the former residence of Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev, so not only will you have a one of a kind experience, you can be certain you will be relaxing in comfort and luxury. The lodge features spacious rooms, a lounge with fireplace and the helipad is just 20 minutes away. Additional accommodation is available right next to the helipad with satellite internet, a sauna, and Siberian style wooden baths outdoors. All meals are included on flying days and safety equipment and transfers are provided.

You can go a short way for a long week in powder heaven at the Russia Caucasus Secret Spot for a heli skiing experience that will blow you away.

4 reasons to choose Russia Caucasus Secret Spot Heli Skiing:

  1. Conveniently close to Europe.
  2. Varied terrain.
  3. Unique and comfortable lodging.
  4. 25 helicopter runs!
  • Russia
  • Northern
  • Russia
Mountain Range
  • Caucasus
  • None
Ski Resort
  • None
  • Heli
Accomm. Type
  • Lodge/Chalet
Suited For
  • Families
  • Couples
  • Solo Travelers
  • Groups
  • Steep and Deep Riders
  • $$$ - Luxury
  • $$ - Medium
Meal Plans
  • Full Board
Room Type
  • Double Bed Room
Amenities & Activities
  • Internet Wifi
  • Sauna
Services offered
  • Guiding
  • Ski Rental
  • Snowboard Rental
  • Safety Equipment Rental
  • Airport Transfer
Ability Level
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Pro
Snow Conditions
Dominant Terrain Type
  • Open Terrain
  • Steep Terrain
  • Tree Runs
  • Cliffs
Average Annual Snowfall
  • 15 meter/year - 20 meter/year
Snow Pack
  • Maritime
Crowd Factor
  • Low
Explorer Level
  • High
PP/Night from US$ 1,189