Seaplane Excursions


With your own sea plane you will surf the best waves of the country. Guaranteed! This is a real once in a lifetime trip.

Rates & Packages

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Extended Description

A private seaplane charter can help you discover and ride the best waves in The Maldives - crowd free! This is the ultimate surfing vehicle, as it allows you to access 1200 islands where there are dozens of secluded surf spots. Our team are experts at surf forecasting. Describe to us your fantasy surf break and if we predict suitable conditions, you could be parked on your surfing nirvana for the day and back at the resort for sunset margaritas … and with some serious bragging rights over the crew back home.

Week long packages can be tailored to your needs and budget. We recommend allocating at least 2 hours flight time per day and allowing some down-time in your holiday for no-fly days in case the surf or weather is not great.

Standby Trips - To further increase your likelihood of perfect surf, consider remaining at home “on call” and flying over when internet forecasts predict quality surf. Fly in the day before a significant swell and this could be the best week of surfing you will ever experience.

Note - Mondays and Tuesday may be difficult to get planes. We cannot guarantee availability. This is at the discretion of Maldivian Air Taxi. Plane must return to Male nightly for servicing at client’s expense. Also subject to availability of guide.

Our guides combine the most accurate web forecasting tools with an intricate understanding of the country’s best kept secrets. Then an initial assessment of your abilities and goals determines which breaks to set course for.

Upon arrival, we circle the break at lower altitude for closer inspection. If the waves are good, we simply land and taxi to the edge of line up, where it’s a short paddle to your own private surf break. Your plane anchors as closely as possible and waits for the entire duration of your session. Surf till you drop or paddle in for refreshments and fly to the next break to catch a dropping tide. Your choice of breaks will seem endless.


Getting There

Four Seasons, Naladhu, Anantara

The Maldives’ Male International Airport is serviced regularly by a range of airlines.Travelers typically transit via hubs such as Singapore, Dubai, Colombo or Abu Dhabi. From the airport you will be greeted by our ground staff and be whisked away by speedboat to the resort. Anantara is situated in South Male Atoll and is approximately thirty minutes from the airport.

PP/Night from US$ 700